VAT InCharge Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Confidential Company

Title: VAT InCharge

Company: Confidential Company

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Accounting, Finance

A Establishing the TAX policy between theindividual companies within the group and maintaining anyupdates B Establishing and maintaining theinvoicing system against the Intercompanies transactions

C Reviewing all companies stock movements

D Managing and then reporting all the following Internaland External Tasks to the Group CFO Tasks with the FTA1 Preparing and calculating all needed taxable documentsand reports 2 Preparing and submitting theMonthly tax returns 9 Returns for different companies monthly inorder to each companys period handling 29 registered companiesunder 23 TRN 3 Handling the Tourist Tax refundinvoices Planet for 13 companies twice in each month receivingrecording and following up the payment with treasurydepartment 4 Arrange and follow up with treasurydepartments for Tax payments after submitting returns5 Updating the FTA site with all adjustments in companies

TLs and handling any requests from FTA Tasks with the Accountingdepartment 1 Managing the daily tax queries forall the accountants 2 Reviewing the utilitiesinvoices before posting them to ensure the correctallocation 3 Reviewing the expenses allocationvs tax 4 Receiving the VPs expenses invoices toallocate in order to be claimed 5 Translate

Arabic invoices documents and financial statements to English foraccountants and treasury team Tasks from Various

Departments 1 Handling the online declarationfor imported shipments 2 Preparing the reexportsales documents and reports in order to be submitted with returns 3

Reconciling the Imported purchases as per the FTA portal 1

Receiving the modified trade license and following up the relatedupdates in order to adjust with all concerned entities 2

Reconciling all shops trade license allocation to be aligned withthe Correlated TRN on the shops invoices 1

Providing all the updates related to companies and shops to bealigned with the FTA data 2 Cross matching theshops invoice with TRNs used in each and every shop and all taxablequeries 3 Providing with the taxableintercompanies transactions to Business Solution dept in order toprepare the purchase order sales orders and the invoices4 Checking the finalized Intercompanies invoices to ensurethat all are aligned with FTA Tax returns 1

Reviewing all the leasing invoices and facilities charges invoicesbefore the payment


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