Value Demonstration & Market Access Lead GCC Jobs in Dubai – UAE at MSD

Title: Value Demonstration & Market Access Lead GCC

Company: MSD

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Contract

Category: Science, Healthcare

Job Description

The Associate Director, Value Demonstration and Therapeutic Access Lead will focus on supporting the GCC region and its countries in implementation of strategic projects to proactively generate insights through the use of local data & various insight sources, drive data generation and address data gaps, generate locally tailored value messages to relevant new and in line products, assuring a proper access for patients.

He/ She must have a strong understanding of the GCC healthcare system. This evidence data and the understanding of the GCC healthcare System will lay the foundation to inform policy makers, to create affordable access to our innovations and to partner with relevant stakeholders creating new contracting approaches.

We are looking for a professional with a strong sense of teamwork, openness and engagement. Optimal cross-functional collaboration with regional and local market access, Health Economics and Outcomes Research teams.

Our Market Access team monitor population demographics and develop solutions to give patients access to our medicines. We act as both educators and advocates for our products, processes, and practices that help us revolutionize how our medicines create value in society.

Primary activities are: 

Create broad projects therapy areas for shaping the policies and payors` preferences allowing better patients access for treatment in areas of company interests.

Support and implement projects demonstrating value and improving funding and reimbursement of products in area of his/her responsibility.

Provide scientific expertise and effectively manage the economic modeling and reimbursement file construction related with Reimbursement file and Payer Value Proposition.

Support achieving, expanding and maintain NPL/HAC/DB public sector reimbursement through value demonstration.

Support building KAM capabilities.

Proactively develop pricing and reimbursement strategies.

Expected ability to develop and maintain excellent customer-centric approach/relationship toward the member of the price and health authorities, Scientific leaders, payer and key decision makers.

Work in close partnership with Public Policy, Sales and Marketing Department, Customer Service, Medical, Regulatory and regional team to create cross functional projects for improving access to products.

Engage in market analysis, performing market research in area of VD&A and in respective therapy areas, support decision making.

Characterize system inefficiencies that could be redirected to create headroom for innovation.

Identify specific procedures and solutions to overcome barriers of access to market which health bodies, competitors and negative environmental conditions can generate.

Monitor product utilization, market shares and re-imbursement policies for products and major competitors.

Contribute to Business Plans for each product (strategies and tactics) to help meet and exceed corporate sales and marketing goals.

Assist region and markets teams in execution of regional and country specific projects in their areas of responsibility.


Required: Bachelor’s degree in science and Health Economics.

Preferred: Master’s degree in Economics, Social Science, public health or at least equivalent advanced courses in Health Economics, Outcomes Research, Epidemiology.


Minimum 5-7years relevant experience working in a pharmaceutical/biotech company with wide exposure to Acc…


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