Urologist Specialist /Consultant Jobs in Dubai – UAE at SearchPlus HR Consultancy

Title: Urologist Specialist /Consultant

Company: SearchPlus HR Consultancy

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Healthcare, Doctor/Physician

Position:  Urologist Specialist / Consultant
We are looking for an ambitious Urologist tojoin our healthcare team. As our Urologist, you will be responsiblefor exterminating, treating, advising and monitoringpatients’ health of reproductive organs, urinary tracts,bladders and kidneys.

• Diagnose patients’ disorders related tothe genitourinary organs and connected tissues
• Treat patients’ disorders related tothe reproductive organs, urinary tracts, bladders andkidneys
• Monitor the health ofpatients’ disorders related to the genitourinary organs andconnected tissues
• Examine patientsand assess their medical condition
• Perform different medical procedures and treatments using a varietyof appropriate methods
• Prescribeappropriate medications
• Administerand suggest different medical procedures to treat patients’disorders
• Be an expert for otherphysicians
• Refer patients to otherspecialists when necessary.


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