UAS/Drone Pilot – Agronomist Jobs in Dubai at UAV.AE

Title: UAS/Drone Pilot – Agronomist

Company: UAV.AE

Location: Dubai

We are looking for experienced and licensed UAS/drone pilots to join our team. We need a hands-on, self-starter that is results oriented when conducting aerial spraying, spreading and mapping support for customers. Serving as an authorized XAG dealer, we offer equipment sales, parts, repairs, software and training for XAG agricultural drones. We believe in empowering our customers to optimize chemical usage, implement more sustainable solutions, lower carbon footprints, and most importantly to help improve operation profitability. Be a part of a growing innovative agricultural business today!
Duties and Responsibilities:
* Create and execute flight plans* Create and manage crop spraying/spreading data and maps.* Mix and spray chemical or spread seed product(s) with UAS/drone using appropriate application rates, product label instructions, and safety protocols.* Oversee and troubleshoot drone performance, supporting equipment and perform minor repairs as needed.* Participate with drone demonstrations/exhibitions to potential customers purchasing equipment or services.* Hold Webinars for explaining how to use XAG Drones/Advantages* Analysis of multispectral images and recommendations for the introduction and care of agricultural crops.* Compilation of differential application maps* Regular business trips to the MENA countries
Skills and Abilities:
* Understanding of common drone equipment, operating systems and safety protocols.* Demonstrate strong communication and writing skills while maintaining a professional demeanor with customers and team.* Ability to work with computer applications, controllers, data management, and reporting.
* High School Diploma* An Associates Degree in electronics, agriculture, engineering or aviation related field; or demonstrated and applicable work experience meeting requirements of this position can be substituted.* Must have a minimum of one (1) year of experience piloting unmanned aircraft/drones.* Valid driver’s license and vehicle to travel to/from job sites and other work locations.
Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Permanent, TemporaryContract length: 12 monthsPart-time hours: 20 per week
Salary: AED7,000.00 – AED12,000.00 per month
Application Question(s):

What is NDVI describe in briefly?
What problems do agriculture drones solve?
What equipment do farmers use to spray fields?

Application Deadline: 08/01/2023Expected Start Date: 09/01/2023

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