Technical Instructor/ITIL Jobs in Abu Dhabi – UAE at Tanqeeb

Title: Technical Instructor/ITIL

Company: Tanqeeb

Location: Abu Dhabi – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Engineering, Education

TitleJob Description

Technical Instructor (ITIL) Role ContextK has been awarded a support contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (UK MOD). Under the terms of the contract, K will provide communications network support and deliver training services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is a significant project that expands our portfolio of work with the UK MOD and in the Middle East.

Under the contract, K is seeking to recruit staff to deliver:

Support in delivering IP Telephony, host applications such as Network Management System, Cable Management Systems and incident management software.

Operation of Service Desks.

Support to maintain operational capability of Fixed & Deployable equipment/capabilities.

Design & deliver a new Management Information System

Technical & English Language Training.

Built Estate maintenance and upkeep.

Summary Of Duties And ResponsibilitiesTraining Delivery

To provide a professional standard of technical instruction consistent with an internationally recognised technical training institute

To deliver a variety of technical instruction relevant to telecommunication systems being operated by the local Military Customer

To produce training materials to support training in the form of, but not limited to; handouts, presentations and weekly tests, utilising TEL as necessary.

To ensure that all materials used are culturally appropriate and relevant to lessons delivered

To develop lessons and activities that encourage students to become involved in the class either on their own initiative or following direction from the Lead Technical Instructor (LTI) or HoETT

To produce and update as required daily lesson plans to reflect course planned delivery.

To develop training material across all types of delivery, including, but not limited to e-learning, DLOs, PowerPoint, pamphlets (this maybe in support of external companies)

To provide SME advice to the Course Designers as required

To generate on a weekly basis using the LMS, a report for all students, to include; weekly test results, discipline issues, performance and remedial measures

To liaise with other departments as directed by the HoETT

To provide technical instructional cover in all regions as directed by the Lead Technical Instructor (LTI) (in extremis)

To ensure that all aspects of classroom management are rigorously enforced and adhered to, delivering the local Military Customers specified requirements and as directed by the LTI and the HoETT

Strictly adhere to all aspects, rules and requirements of working for K as currently stipulated

Adhere to all requirements of working within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will at all time show respect for the customs and practices of the Kingdom

Assist with InVal as required

React to arising matters to accommodate emerging short-notice actions as directed by LTI and HoETT

Any other duties commensurate with the position and as directed by the LTI or the HoETT

EssentialMust provide recent evidence of delivering training courses in telecommunications or related field

Possess an excellent knowledge of instructional methodology and have the skills to exploit new methods and media to encourage learning

Familiar with Interactive Learning Technologies

Must be fluent in English and/or Arabic

Highly-skilled in producing written work with best use of English language and grammar

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