Technical Assistant Jobs in Ras Alkhaimah – UAE at Star Services LLC

Title: Technical Assistant

Company: Star Services LLC

Location: Ras Alkhaimah – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Construction

Location: Ras Alkhaimah
• Assist Technical Co-ordinator toidentify the most suitable suppliers (including contractors,artists and freelancers), budgeting and innovative techniques tobring the concept to life
• Coordinateand broaden vendor/partner relationships that will enhance eventcapabilities in terms of quality of service and productinnovation
• Organize effective sitevisits to create proper technical plans & equipment listsas per the event concept and needs, taking into consideration thehealth & safety regulations
• Estimate the time required to complete the work and providenegotiated quotes, estimative budgets and planning of execution tofinalize the overall project budget


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