Supply Chain Manager Jobs in Ras Alkhaimah – UAE at Dulsco LLC

Title: Supply Chain Manager

Company: Dulsco LLC

Location: Ras Alkhaimah – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Warehouse, Supply Chain/Logistics

Location: Ras Alkhaimah
• Processes approved purchaseorders, follows up with a) suppliers for on-time availability ofgoods from production, and b) shipping companies / forwarders foron-time delivery.
• Reviews, recommendsand applies best practices with inventory management andcontrol.
• Negotiates entity freightservices, including inland transportation haulage, freightforwarding, and customs clearance.
• Insure logistics flow is optimized and a smooth transit of product(Finished Goods & Parts) to local warehouse.
• Handles warehouse management, i.e.:
Optimizingutilization of warehouse storage space Directing big shipments

Assessing reports on storage performance delivered by team, andaddress issues where applicable


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