Supervisor of Self – Supervisory Unit Job at National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

Job Description

• Review and authorized of SAMA’s combat terrorist financing requests & inquiries through Tanfeeth and SAMANet Systems.
• Ensure of performing screening against sanction lists for names provided in the inquiries/requests are conducted in proper and timely manner.
• Review and authorization of freezing and blocking process for legal persons and natural persons as per SUU’s requests that generated from Tanfeeth and SAMANet systems.
• Request, following-up, and obtainment of SSU requests required documents from relevant departments.
• Preparation and submission of SSU reports and ensure of compliance with the SAMA’s instructions and timeframe.
• Development the skills of SSU’s team by providing training, coaching & guidance.
• Development, review, and update on an ongoing basis the SUU’s policies, procedures, and controls.
• Representation of NBP Riyadh at SAMA Self-Supervision committee meetings and make sure to comply with committee resolutions
• Development, maintenance, and update electronic database for all SSU requests and enquiries raised by SAMA.
• Preparation and submission of weekly report to the Compliance Manager in regard to SSU’s activities, performance, and challenges.
• Follow up with United Nation resolutions and local regulations in regard to counter financing terrorism and update the internal policies and procedures accordingly.
• Development of business continuity plan for the SSU as per the Branch BCM framework and conduct ongoing tests to ensure its effectiveness and notify SAMA with the plan and its test results.

Job Requirements

• Reporting to the Compliance Manager
• Relevant Experience / Minimum Bachelor Degree Holder
• Compliance with the SAMA requirements on combating terrorism financing and supervision of the performance on tasks of Self supervisory Unit.

About Company

Company: National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

Company Location:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

About National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

National Bank of Pakistan is largest state owned bank operating in Pakistan. It has redefined its role and has moved from a public sector organization into a modern commercial bank. The Bank's services are available to individuals, corporate entities and government. While it continues to act as trustee of public funds and as the agent to the State Bank of Pakistan (in places where SBP does not have presence).