Supermarket Manager Job at National Catering Company

Job Description

– Study trends, authorize clearance sales and also determine all required sales promotions
– Review merchandising by formulating pricing policies
– Study display plans, sale promotion, and advertising towards marketing merchandise in a profitable manner.
– Recognize future and present requirements by customers
– Discipline, counsel, and coach employees to maintain positive result generation
– Complete all the operational requirements of the store
– Oversee receiving orders and stock control
– Organize training, orientation, and supervise all departmental managers
– Recruit and interview new staff for the supermarket

Job Requirements

– Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
– Ability to deliver result copiously
– Ability to work under pressure
– Ability to multitask.
– Ability to lead a team
– Ability to manage other staff members

About Company

Company: National Catering Company

Company Location:  Abu Dhabi, UAE

About National Catering Company

National Catering Company LLC is one of the largest support services conglomerates in the UAE, Specializing in Industrial and Corporate Catering, Facilities Management, Engineering, Food Distribution, Retail and F&B.