Streaming Content and Operations Manager Jobs in Dubai – UAE at TikTok

Title: Streaming Content and Operations Manager

Company: TikTok

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Management, Marketing/PR

Live streaming Content and Event Operations Manager – Dubai     Dubai  Operations – Content ops  Experienced    Responsibilities   1. Plan and launch Live streaming campaigns by following up popular topics, events, social hot issues etc.;2. Explore new campaign strategies and models, and continuously improve the campaign strategies through data monitoring and analysis;3. Monitor the revenue growth strategies in the market and provide reports and suggestions.   Qualifications   1. Bachelor’s degree or above. Minimum 1 year experience in Live streaming industry, especially in Live streaming or short-video product, familiar with Live streaming platforms;2. Result-oriented, good logical thinking, strong in data analysis;3. Strong execution and good capacity for pressure, and a good sense of communication and co-working.  Share to


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