Specialist Pulmonologist Jobs in Dubai – UAE at SearchPlus

Title: Specialist Pulmonologist

Company: SearchPlus

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Healthcare, Doctor/Physician

We are looking for an expert Pulmonologist tobe responsible for the respiratory health of our patients. Thiswill include treating breathing disorders, severe allergies, andother lung conditions and diseases. You should be able toeffectively diagnose patients and suggest a successful course oftreatment. Some Of The


Include Consulting with patients to understandtheir symptoms and health concerns. Diagnosingand treating conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis, andemphysema. Using and interpreting pulmonologicalexams and tests to aid in the diagnosis of cardiopulmonary diseasesand conditions, including CT scans, chest fluoroscopies,ultrasounds, and bronchoscopies. Performingvarious specialized procedures in order to acquire samples of thechest wall lining or the lungs, for further analysis.

Providing immunizations against preventablecardiopulmonary diseases. Compensation:
Highlycompetitive salary & comprehensive benefitspackage. All interested and experienced

Physicians are particularly encouraged to apply for the post withupdated CV.


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