Senior UTC Operations Engineer Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Parsons International

Title: Senior UTC Operations Engineer

Company: Parsons International

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Contract

Category: Engineering

Job Description :

Minimum Clearance Required to Start:Not Applicable/None

Job Description:

Senior UTC Operations Engineer

Dubai, UAE

You see the trees and the forest

What some may consider a small oversight can cause a major work problem. That’s why we need a keen observer like you who notes the out-of-place crack before it spreads into a disastrous gap. You have a meticulous work ethic, founded on attention to every element of a situation. We hold your skills in high esteem and can’t wait to hear from you.


Provide and maintain a safe and efficient operation of the Dubai traffic signals.

Exposure to a wide breadth of experience in terms of providing innovative solutions to a range of traffic problems, primarily the problem of traffic congestion to improve the efficiency of traffic signal timings across Dubai with the support of traffic modelling tools.

Knowledge of the principles of traffic and transportation and ideally some experience of working as a traffic professional.

In-depth understanding of the use of computer systems and programs related to traffic and engineering design and traffic signal operation and monitoring, and optimization.


Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, or related field.

Minimum 5 years of experience with 5 years of relevant experience in UTC/SCOOT system, specifically related to Siemens ST 800 and ST 950 series controllers, IC-4 programming, validation and re-validation of SCOOT-operated signalized intersections, UTC database configuration, and knowledgeable in TR-2500 specifications.

Experience in Dubai and/or UAE is preferable


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