Senior Technical Supervisor/Operations Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Virtua Advanced Solutions

Title: Senior Technical Supervisor/Operations

Company: Virtua Advanced Solutions

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Transportation, Healthcare

Senior Technical Supervisor (Operations) Full-time

Job Description

JOB PURPOSE. To daily complete the assigned technical support duties in support daily bus operations covering on board equipment management and related IT/AVM systems, bus stations and bus depots technology driven equipment to ensure high level of operational availability. KEY RESULTS ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Follow up and execute all operational plans to install, maintain, update and follow up on on-board bus equipment including but not limited to CCTV monitoring system, TFT screen displays, on board ticketing machines and electronic destination boards.

2. Follow up and execute all operational plans for bus stations and bus depots technology driven equipment to ensure high level of operational availability. 3. Supervise all extraction of recorded videos from CCTV system from buses and transfer to desktop computers for viewing purpose. 4. Coordinate on all activities relating to electronic destinations including collecting, upload revised/new destination signs and on-board TFT screen displays timely before planned implementation date.

5. Review recorded videos for complaint investigation, accident investigation and near miss incidents 6. Ensure all AVM data uploading is completed with all correct schedules before implementation 7. Ensure all AFC revenue data are downloaded from buses on time for uploading to UASC. 8. Prepare and follow up on all reported on-board equipment faults with related supporting departments for necessary repairs and replacements 9.

Ensure bus availability for repairs/maintenance by vendors on site 10. Provide summary reports and equipment status reports to depot management on weekly basis. 11. Conduct daily checks to ensure all bus station RTPIs and TVMs are operational, cleaned and maintained. Follow up with relevant departments when faults have been reported. 12. Manage all TETRA communication devices to ensure that they are functional at all times including proper charging of the devices.

13. Manage all Inspection Fare checking device (INTERMEC) are fully functional with the correct operational parameters, sufficient power and maintain paper ticket roll supply at all times. 14. Available 24/7 and perform shift duties

QualificationsKNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE  High school technical diploma.  3 years experience in car equipment’s, electronics radio communication.  The ability to replace the chief supervisor on absence and capable to communicate with all parties. Senior Technical Supervisor (Operations)


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