Senior Registered Nurse.Medical & Surgical ward. Aster Hospitals UAE Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Aster DM Healthcare

Title: Senior Registered Nurse.Medical & Surgical ward. Aster Hospitals UAE

Company: Aster DM Healthcare

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Healthcare, Nursing


Render evidence based comprehensive nursing care to the patient.  Be knowledgeable about the layout of the unit, number of patients, types of patient and their requirements. Efficiently prepare daily nursing care plan as advised by the physician and provide care accordingly. Recognize and handles emergency situations and complications effectively during the course of treatment. Accompany the Consultants during hospital rounds and assist in diagnostic and therapeutic studies.

Competently administers all medications following seven rights. Monitor the patient and timely report deterioration of patient’s health condition. Arrange and transfuse blood & blood products appropriately. Provide personal hygiene to the patient. Meet the nutritional requirement of the patient. Meet elimination needs of the patient. Evaluate effectiveness of nursing care on patient condition and record and report it to the concerned Doctor timely.

Ensure second hourly positioning and back care for bedridden patients.  Help the ambulatory patients according to their needs. Ensure shift change report at patient bedside in each shift. Give accurate report to the Team Leader/ Head Nurse/ Supervisor as required. Actively participate in the disaster management process (Identified Codes) in the hospital. Initiate CPR and activates code blue as and when required.

Follow strictly infection control practices and care bundles at all times. Timely collection and dispatching of various samples. Ensure safety, comfort, confidentiality and privacy of the patients. Provide end of life & last office care as it is required. Provide patient and family education as per the hospital protocol. Explain patient rights and responsibilities to the patient. Ensure proper cleaning and disinfection of the equipment.

Ensure availability, working condition and effective use of equipment in the unit. Ensures smooth admission, transfer, and discharge & death process. Escort patients to and from various departments. Take proper care of patient’s belongings. Performs all special assignments that are rostered in order for a quality patient care. Ensure neat, clean and noise free environment to the patient and family.

Report any untoward incident immediately to Head nurse/ Supervisor and submit the written statement in the same shift. Report immediately any safety and security issues at the work place to the concerned Head of the Dept/Supervisor. Appropriately delegate tasks to other health care assistants as and when required. Provides mentorship to the new joinees.


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