Senior Product Manager Jobs in Dubai at Nas Company

Title: Senior Product Manager

Company: Nas Company

Location: Dubai

Our StoryFounded by Nuseir Yassin from Nas Daily (53 million followers), the Nas company is home to Nas Daily, Nas Academy, Nas Studios – and Nas.io.

“Nas” means “people” and it has been the foundation of our mission: Bring People Together.

People can do more together. People can find friends, mentors, and accountability partners within a community. At Nas Academy, we have the data to support this: with over 1,500 cohort communities.

And communities today have transformed far beyond the traditional concept of a community.

a community can be a group of 100 people who come together every week to share and discuss ideas on Zoom.

a community can be 25 people flying in from across the world for a yoga retreat every 3 months.

a community can be an influencer’s 1,000 true fans learning from each other in a Telegram group.

a community can be 10,000 NFT holders sharing about events and other projects.

Nas.io is building products for people to have a trustworthy and internationally recognized place to start and manage their own communities – including brands, thought leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, content creators, and DAO builders.

As a company, we’ve successfully built communities over and over again – and now, we are building tools and integrations that will allow other people to build communities faster than ever before.

Who We Are

Nas is a remote-first, global team of talent who are on a mission to bring people together – by building community products. More about us: www.nas.io


We are looking for a Senior Product Manager, to ideally be based in Singapore, but we are open to remote if there is a 2-3 hour time zone overlap.

In this role, you will be responsible for developing solutions and implementing requirements to support the growth of Nas. This includes launching products and working closely with Engineering and other product areas to define the right structure to support our products.


Be responsible for setting short and long-term strategies with far reaching impact for all of the product offerings, including Classes, Communities, and Web3 products

Generate high level insights from formative research, market gaps and help drive the business to scale.

Engage closely with the Engineering team to help determine the best technical implementation methods as well as a reasonable implementation schedule.

Understand customer needs and gather product requirements. Identify market opportunities and define product vision and strategy.

Work closely with the team of product managers and product designers and conduct regular peer-reviews on the deliverables.

Collaborating closely with the Marketing, Operations and Business team leads to understand internal processes and facilitate efficiency.

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