Senior Process Operator Jobs in Dubai at ENOC

Title: Senior Process Operator

Company: ENOC

Location: Dubai

Job Purpose

Ensures safe and efficient operation of the units, perform all regular and routine operations and

emergency operations that arises from time to time. Taking care of the machinery/equipment

assigned to him during the shift and collects field readings and maintains log sheets.

Principal Accountabilities

1. Takes up area of work as assigned to him at the beginning of the shift and Follows

instructions of the Refinery Shift Superintendent (RSS) or work instructions as set

out. Conducts periodical field tests and report to control room /RSS and initiates

corrective action as advised. Keeps Shift Superintendent I control room apprised of

unit conditions and jobs in progress and any irregularities observed. Collects field

readings and maintaining log sheets/book. Keeps record of process changes and

maintains log sheets/book in a manner that is easily retrievable and can be

analyzed at any time.

2. Liaises, interacts, gives direction and coordinates field activities with control

room/maintenance/ contractors. When assuming charge at panel in control room

he liaises and communicates with all external agencies like Dugas, Dusup, JAFZA,

Surveyors and ship masters etc.

3. Issues cold work permit and prepares hot work permit, performs gas testing

intermittently or continuously as required and prepares the job for the

maintenance work. Prepares the area and equipment / lines for jobs like welding

/cutting and other hot jobs in the unit area as required by Engineering and

maintenance team.

4. Checks up seals/lubrication for pumps and compressors, burner adjustments,

cleaning and changeover, monitoring of exchangers/air coolers and other

equipment. Effects lining up, start up and shutting down of the units safely and

efficiently. Maintains good housekeeping in his area of control. Adjustment of

dosing rates to ensure proper quality with safety.

5. Performs duties on the field or on the panel as required. Performs all operations

with full regard to the quality and safety parameters laid down, thereby

maintaining safe working environment at all times and following safe work

practices. For critical jobs assumes the role of fire watch. Takes steps, as necessary,

to safeguard men I material I equipment from all possible harm I danger.

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