Senior Manager – Facilities Management Jobs in Ras Alkhaimah – UAE at Transguard Group

Title: Senior Manager – Facilities Management

Company: Transguard Group

Location: Ras Alkhaimah – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Management

Location: Ras Alkhaimah
In this role, your responsibilities includethe following:
• Providing fullgovernance and control over projects.
• Establishing frameworks for robust project management, including,project management methodologies, tools, project team organisationstructures, risk identification and escalation processes andproject decision-making responsibilities.
• Monitoring compliance with policies andstandards.
• Managing multiple projectinitiatives within the department concurrently.
• Undertaking project planning and analysis,including detailed project plans, documenting scope and businessrequirements, and Terms of Reference production.
• Tracking and providing project status and auditreports.


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