Senior Innovation Specialist Jobs in Abu Dhabi – UAE at UNITED ARAB EMIRATES UNIVERSITY

Title: Senior Innovation Specialist


Location: Abu Dhabi – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Management

Job Description

The Senior Innovation Specialist in the Innovation Hub powered by Google primary responsibility is to manage the programs and activities at the UAEU SIP “Innovation Hub powered by Google” as well as the communication with the hub partners and stakeholders. He/she will also manage UAEU SIP projects by defining the scope and the resulting implementation plans, defining the benefits, costs, and expected key outcomes and success criteria for UAEU-SIP projects. The Senior Innovation Specialist is also responsible for the selection, management and implementation of SIP PM tools, processes and knowledge management systems.


1. Innovation Hub powered by Google management responsibilities including the design, implementation and supervision of Innovation Hub’s programs and initiatives as well as communication with partners and stakeholders

Lead the strategic development, operational plans and budgeting for the innovation hub

Manage business development and stakeholder engagement

Form partnerships with local entities to infuse the Hub with links to local innovators

Manage all third-party relationships ensuring contracts and agreements relating to the Hub are adequately completed.

Oversee the smooth operational running of the Hub.

Ensure that all activities delivered at the Hub are delivered to the highest standard.

Ensure that all visitors to the Hub are experiencing the greatest benefits from it.

Plan and supervise the activities to be delivered in the Hub across the year.

Plan and oversee the activities and courses developed for the Hub.

Identify, plan and manage the temporary staff needs to run the Hub

Deliver open days and other one-off events at the Hub

Ensure safe working practices are adhered to at all times.

Design manage and oversee the delivery of programs and events at the Innovation Hub to foster community entrepreneurial and innovative mindset

Plan and Implement programs and events to infuse the “Making Culture”

Plan and Implement Programs/Events to build “Creative Confidence”

Liaise with UAEU SIP programs’ team, cross functional and operational team roll out awareness activities such as webinars, information sessions and tours, round tables etc. to engage industry and community and to support extending the value proposition of the SIP to its tenants and partners and to facilitate access and utilization of the innovation hub equipment.

Co-create and oversee the implementation of schools and university programs, that promote innovation mindset, foster making culture, and creative confidence

Identify potential technical providers, trainers and instructors to implement the programs at the innovation hub

Report on the hub activities and align its performance with the UAEU SIP KPIs

Provide inputs for marketing and outreach activities as well as for other reporting requirements by the hub partners and stakeholders

Showcase the hub locally, nationally and regionally

2.UAEU SIP Project and knowledge management

Design, implement a knowledge (content/document) management system for the UAEU SIP, reports on implementation and continuous improvement process

Offer training and support to the SIP employees for an effective implementation of the knowledge management system

Research for adequate project management tools to support organizational efficiency and the UAEU SIP mandate execution

Customize and ensure the adaptation of the tool to …