Senior Faculty Affairs Specialist Jobs in Abu Dhabi – UAE at Zayed University

Title: Senior Faculty Affairs Specialist

Company: Zayed University

Location: Abu Dhabi – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Education, Language/Bilingual

Job Description and Requirements


Provides information, advice, and guidance to all elements of the University on all matters relating to rank and pay of faculty members.

Prepares the annual Calendar of Faculty Personnel Actions for approval by the Provost.

Oversees the probationary process for new faculty members to enable the Provost’s review of their contractual status.

Oversees the contract renewal process for faculty members to enable the Provost’s decisions on renewals.

Analyzes and evaluates qualifications and experience of candidates for faculty positions, both regular and adjunct, so as to propose an academic rank and, after a full consideration of current salaries and market conditions, a monthly salary or, for adjuncts, a credit-hour rate of compensation.

Calculates the compensation due adjuncts and processes payment.

Analyzes workload reports and evaluates requests for extra compensation due for overload assignments, recommends action to the designated Associate Provost, and executes the decision to ensure that faculty members receive the extra compensation authorized.

Manages the system for providing to the Provost annual evaluations of faculty members and academic administrators and ensures that appropriate actions follow the Provost’s decisions particularly in regard to the levels at which faculty members are evaluated.

Oversees the nominations of faculty for the Faculty and Staff Awards program.

Oversees the process by which faculty are recommended to the Provost for academic promotion and serves as an ex officio member of the University Faculty Promotion Advisory Committee.

Analyzes and recommends revisions in the practice of awarding extra compensation for academic administration.

Monitors in particular the accuracy and effectiveness of University salary ranges for different disciplines and different academic ranks and recommends adjustments.

Spearheads periodic reviews of faculty salaries.

Coordinates closely with Human Resources and seeks efficiencies in work that both offices may perform in support of faculty.

Maintains the electronic filing of University policies and procedures on the University Intranet.

Reviews University policies and procedures for currency and accuracy.

Supports offices responsible for creating or revising University policies and procedures to ensure that their work is complete and correct.

Supports the Provost and the Provost’s staff in special projects as required.


Minimum of baccalaureate degree in a relevant field and 7 years professional experience in a similar role, preferably in the context of a university or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Master’s degree preferred.

Mastery of clear, concise, and precise spoken and written English (Arabic language skills beneficial).

Knowledge of trends and best practices in faculty compensation.

Computer literacy and mastery of Microsoft Office.

Skill in basic mathematics to include algebra.

Skills in proofreading accurately.


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