Senior Executive – Customer Service(UAE) Jobs in Dubai at Milaha

Title: Senior Executive – Customer Service(UAE)

Company: Milaha

Location: Dubai

Job Objective

Supervise the Dubai based customer service group (feeder) as well as ensure full alignment of Milaha’s customer service standards and policies with all own offices/agents. Ensure that all current and future customer requirements are met in terms of efficient handling of bookings (for max utilization of our assets) as well as ensure that all customer enquiries – incl. customized booking status reporting – are dealt with in the most efficient way within the scope of our services and operational capabilities, and in close coordination with DXB/DOH operations teams.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

• Communicate booking requirements from customers and ensure (within the customer service group) that all systems are updated accordingly. Ensure that the customer service department takes a proactive and customer focused approach towards existing and potential customer enquiries and issues; ensure no bookings are taken without properly filed rate agreement

Assist in the implementation of departmental processes to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and any other standards and requirements

• Implement and actively enforce compliance to work processes to ensure the health and safety of employees and the protection of the environment.

• Timely information to customers about ETA and ETD of vessels and any other relevant information pertaining to Milaha vessel schedules and port information of any specific customer requirement.

• Supervise and coordinate follow up with Abu Dhabi agents for bookings and vessel schedules via Abu Dhabi if/when applicable

• Supervise and allocate bookings from customers based on arrival of mainline vessels and Milaha connection vessel for maximum TEU utilization considering cargo weight.

• Closely monitor competition vessels positions / change of positions and update management in order to take own network decisions to avoid negative impact of change of competitive operations.

• Analyze actual and anticipated booking and volume flow trends in order to optimize planning of Milaha vessels in conjunction with the DXB and DOH operations teams. Maintain a consistent and proactive approach with customers so as to avoid last minute underutilization (TEU and/or weight-wise) leading to significant cost impact for a particular voyage

• Ensure proper booking forecast process is in place within the customer service team in order to cater for any change of volume which may require network changes by operations

• Ensure compliance within their areas regarding all Milaha Health & Safety, Security, Environment and Quality Policies, Manuals, Procedures, Laws, Regulations and Standards

• Actively engage in Milaha Health & Safety, Security, Environment and Quality consultations, training and initiatives

• Monitor agency performance in terms of booking accuracy and timeliness and ensure booking performance reports is are produced and reviewed with all locations within network (incl Doha customer service)

• Ensure customer service guide lines and policies are properly communicated to all existing/future Milaha feeder locations as well as conduct regular review of customer service activities. Take initiative to arrange appropriate customer service training of agent(s).

• Take the lead to ensure proper supervision of customer activities related to new Milaha services in order to comply with very tight deadlines for completion of the entire booking process in order to meet fixed berth window commit…

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