Senior Auditor, IT/SAP Expertise Jobs in Abu Dhabi – UAE at ADNOC HQ

Title: Senior Auditor, IT/SAP Expertise

Company: ADNOC HQ

Location: Abu Dhabi – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Accounting, Quality Control

Position:  Senior Auditor, IT (SAP Expertise)
Job Purpose

Perform assigned audit engagements, from start to finish, inclusive of preplanning, wrap up activities ensuring application of risk and control concepts to scenarios encountered, and identify any potential issues. Assist in the periodic Risk Assessments and development of the Risk-Based Work Plans focusing on IT risks.

Job Specific Accountabilities

Professional Ethics
• Assist in initiating/promoting the establishment and continuous improvement of the Corporate Governance Framework including Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Code of Conduct, Ethics and Values.

Internal Audit Plan
• Assist in the development of Annual Audit Plan (AAP) based on the results of risk assessment exercise focusing on IT risks.
• Participate in reviewing and updating the IT audit universe to ensure it covers all IT risks.
• Provide input for the periodic reporting on IT audit activities and performance relative to its plans, significant risk exposures, control/governance issues and other related matters.

Audit Execution
• Lead the IT auditors in the examination and analysis of records through executing audit program steps for the assigned audits.
• Develop a detailed audit program / Risk & Control Matrix (RCM) for the assigned audit including the objectives, potential risk, key controls, audit procedures and the use of audit techniques and tools to evaluate governance, risks and controls processes, and submit audit program to the management for review and approval.
• Determine auditing procedures to be applied, including the use of Information Systems Audit Techniques, data analytics, statistical sampling method or others.
• Ensure that adequate working papers and all relevant information are continuously documented and updated in the automated Audit Management System in accordance with pre-defined templates and audit procedures.
• Identify, obtain, analyze and appraise related systems and evidentiary data/information.
• Appraise the adequacy of the corrective actions taken by management on audit recommendations through follow up audits and periodically review and update the status of management action plans.
• Ensure that approved audit objectives have been met with adequate coverage of all relevant areas and sufficient audit evidence is obtained to support the conclusion and recommendations, in accordance with professional audit standards.
• Participate in conducting special reviews and undertakes administrative duties as directed by Head of Internal Audit.
• Supervise audits in accordance with the approved RCM and professional standards on internal auditing.
• Ensure tasks assigned to junior staff are adequately performed and deliverables are in accordance with ADNOC Internal Audit procedures and quality standards.
• Identify high risk areas and key control points of the system to be reviewed.

Audit Reports
• Prepare audit report with conclusion, expressing professional opinions on the adequacy and effectiveness of risk management, control systems and the efficiency with which activities are carried out. Recommend improvement options to rectify reported deficiencies, for Section Head / Department Manager’s review.
• Recommend practical enhancements in IT governance, risks and control processes to assist in the achievement of the company business objectives.
• Follow-up on replies to issued draft and final audit reports and review the adequacy of the corrective actions …