Senior Audio Engineer Jobs in Doha at التلفزيون العربي

Title: Senior Audio Engineer

Company: التلفزيون العربي

Location: Doha

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Senior Audio Engineer


Doha, Qatar


Full Time





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The purpose of this position is to assemble, operate and maintain the technical equipment used to record, amplify, mix or reproduce sound.

Primary Tasks:

Working closely with the Studio Production team and ensuring the appropriate actions to produce the sound

Responsible to assess the acoustics of the performance area and assembling and operating the necessary equipment

Consulting with producers and performers to determine the sound requirements

Responsible for selecting, positioning, adjusting and operating the equipment used for amplification and recording

Applying technical knowledge of sound recording equipment to achieve determined artistic objectives

Recording sound onto digital audio tape or hard disk recorders;

Accountable for monitoring audio signals to detect sound-quality deviations or malfunctions;

Anticipating and correcting any problems;

Maintaining and repairing sound equipment.

Integrating (synchronisation) of pre-recorded audio (dialogue, sound effects and music) with visual content

Re-recording and synchronising audio (post-synching);

Mixing and balancing speech, effects and music

Creating and altering sound effects for use in films, television, etc.

Responsible to perform under pressure in a Live news environment

Ability to lead the team include freelancers

Ability to rig and adjust sounds on locations and within the studio


Good knowledge of physics of sound, technical aptitude and good aural skills

Excellent attention to detail and strong communication skills

Able handle pressure well as their work is often in live conditions

The ability to think ahead, spot trends and predict what they will need to add next

Ability to perform under pressure in a Live news environment and meet the target

Familiar with Ofcom guidelines with respect to Audio & RF.

Excellent communication & time management skills.

Excellent written & spoken English. The Arabic language is an advantage


More than 5 years experience in relevant field

Degree in the relevant subject or experience in this field

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