Senior Art Director Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Saatchi & Saatchi

Title: Senior Art Director

Company: Saatchi & Saatchi

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Creative Arts/Media

Job Description

We believe in effecting positive change through creativity, always.

While we seek out the most brilliant minds to help us on our quest, we’re also passionate about nurturing the best talent from within. Which is why when you join us, your journey can be one of continuous evolution.

We’re a community of experts that hail from every discipline.

We’re activists who embrace challenges with agility and dynamism.

We’re idealists who thrive on inspiration.

We’re romantics who believe that an idea can change the world, but also that the idea can come from anyone and anywhere.

We’re all that, but we don’t stop at that.

Because we’re committed to becoming better versions of ourselves, every. single. day.

Creative work

You will lead the work on some of the most popular consumer brands in the world, impacting the daily lives of nearly 2 billion people in the fastest growing region in the world. You will work for clients who not only care about success in the marketplace, but are passionate about the role of brands in helping bring about social change.

Expectations of a Senior Art Director

Help lead and inspire creative teams to develop innovative design solutions, from broad concept development through implementation

Ideate, write and execute original and iconic creative concepts in response to client briefs, objectives or goals

Is responsible for the proper placement, context and meaning of every image and graphic element within a creative assignment

Develop creative ideas that meets both our clients’ objectives as well as our business objectives, maintaining the company’s expected levels of creative excellence and professionalism

Present, share and review creative work with Executive Creative Director/s, Account Management and Planning Leads as well as members of the Management Team

Manage multiple projects from concept through to completion, working with both in-house resources and third-party vendors

Collaborate effectively with Account Management, Planning and the broader creative team to develop disruptive and iconic work

Manage multiple projects from concept through to completion, working with both in-house resources and third-party vendors

Participants in, and leads brainstorming sessions

Expectations as a member of our community

You believe passionately in the power of creativity to bring change to the world. But you’re realistic and have a clear-eyed view of what it will take to get there: not a path you walk alone, but with a group of people putting a diverse range of skills and perspectives to work, towards a common goal

Your ideas and your voice will be heard, respected and protected with passion. Ideas are not disposable commodities here, they are our most precious assets

You will be tested, you will be challenged and you will be pushed beyond your comfort zone, but you will equally be supported, encouraged and celebrated. Because the true value of a community is that we bring out the best in each other


A book brimming with brave ideas that have made an impact, big or small, on the world we live in

You’re a keen student of life, open and curious, always learning

As  a communicator, every surface, every channel, every medium, social or otherwise, is your canvas. You’re just where people are

You’ve won a few of the awards that matter. Winning isn’t…


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