Security Assistant Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Zayed University

Title: Security Assistant

Company: Zayed University

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Security, Government

Job Description and Requirements

The Responsibilities

Must secure University and offer high quality services in the most efficient, timely, and cost-conscious manner. Under the direction of the Facilities Coordinator and Operations Manager, is responsible for:

Overseeing and supervising outsourced security personnel and all other service providers, such as cleaners, MEP, Landscape and catering workers.

Overseeing overall campus security, access control, gate control, visitors’ control and car park security coverage.

Providing a strong access control policy at the gates according to University requirements. Security at entrance to fully control the access of student, staff and visitors.

Controlling entry to the site, exclude unauthorized persons. Contact staff and guide visitors and deliveries.

Ensuring that students swipe their card or enter their ID number.

Ensuring that all master and grand master keys are kept with them only.

Locking/unlocking internal and external doors in the morning and evening, as per the assignment instructions.

Carrying out timed patrol of the site, as per assignment instructions.

Providing access for students and staff to locked rooms, particularly on Saturday’s, upon approval from CPD.

Reporting any observations to the Coordinator/Manager.

Reporting any accidents or incidents in or around the campus which may affect the University’s safety or operation to the Coordinator/Manager.

Reporting any maintenance defects, damages or mal operation of equipment or systems to the Facilities Department or Coordinator/Manager.

Evacuating immediate area in the event of emergency and to direct emergency services to the source of emergency.

Communicating with emergency and governmental departments such as police, civil defense and emergency unit, when required.

Taking immediate action to prevent damage arising from fire or flood. If the situation is not safe to take personal action, summon external emergency services immediately. Inform the management. Follow the detailed instructions laid out in the assignment instruction.

Communicating with the Security team and with selected Zayed University Personnel by means of two-way radios. These radios are to be tuned to the frequency assigned to the University.

Working with the University to develop standard protocol manual to address emergency and daily situations.

Daily reporting of any issues with regards to the operation of the main gate and access system for the particular location.

Preparing daily incident reports, security reports and checking the lost and found.

Random patrolling inside and outside the building.

Keeping a record/log for visitors and contractors.

Helping and giving support during emergency cases.

Monitoring the fire alarm system and report of any unusual condition to supervisor immediately.

Helping in car parking violation process.

Supervising contractor’s work on campus and reporting any issues.

The Requirements

Should possess a high school level education with semi skills or equivalent combination of education and experience

IT skills (including Microsoft Word and Excel).

Good knowledge of security requirement.

Working knowledge of Arabic and English an asset.

Desired or preferred requirements:

Experience working in an academic environment.

Capability of using radio frequency system (walkie-talkie).

Capability of using student access banner system.


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