Safeguards Information Analyst (Open Source)(P4) Job in Vienna, Austria at International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Organization: SGIM-State Factor Analysis Section

Primary Location: Austria-Vienna-Vienna-IAEA Headquarters

Job Posting: 2021-09-03, 5:25:21 PM

Closing Date: 2021-10-01, 11:59:00 PM

Duration in Months: 36

Contract Type: Fixed Term – Regular

Probation Period: 1 Year

Organizational Setting

The Department of Safeguards (SG) is the organizational hub for the implementation of IAEA safeguards. The IAEA implements nuclear verification activities for over 180 States in accordance with their safeguards agreements. The main objective of the Department is to maintain and further develop an effective and efficient verification system in order to draw independent, impartial and timely safeguards conclusions, thus providing credible assurances to the international community that States are in compliance with their safeguards obligations. Safeguards activities are undertaken within a dynamic and technically complex environment including advanced nuclear fuel cycle facilities and complemented by the political and cultural diversity of the countries.

The Department of Safeguards consists of six Divisions: three Operations Divisions for the implementation of verification activities around the world; three Technical Divisions (Division of Concepts and Planning, Division of Information Management, and Division of Technical and Scientific Services); and three Offices (the Office for Verification in Iran, the Office of Safeguards Analytical Services and the Office of Information and Communication Services).

The Division of Information Management comprises four Sections and provides the Department of Safeguards with data processing services, secure information distribution, information analysis and knowledge generation necessary to draw independent, impartial and soundly based safeguards conclusions.

Main Purpose

The Safeguards Information Analyst contributes to the IAEA’s nuclear verification mission by conducting analyses using all the sources of safeguards relevant information available to the Department. These analyses are incorporated into annual State evaluation reports.


The Safeguards Information Analyst is a (1) a leader of Divisional teams for State evaluation; (2) a seasoned analyst, leading the regular review of open source information and ensuring that the information is efficiently processed and disseminated within the Department; (3) a developer of open source and knowledge management strategies, a researcher and an analyst, identifying, synthesizing, and analysing information from open and other sources of relevance to international nuclear safeguards activities.

Functions / Key Results Expected

  • Collect, analyse and report on information for designated States, including the review of scientific and technical, as well as nuclear trade-related, information sources for information relevant to the verification mission of the Department of Safeguards.
  • Provide expert analysis in the form of analytical reports to the Department by evaluating all safeguards-relevant information, including nuclear material accounting data, additional protocol declarations, open-source, satellite imagery, environmental sampling evaluations, and results of infield activities.
  • Develop open source and knowledge management strategies, new information collection techniques, and evaluation methodologies, identifying new information sources and evaluating them for reliability.
  • Participate in Departmental working groups on the preparation of State Evaluation Reports and assist inspectors in the planning of field activities, maintaining a close working relationship with partners in the Operations divisions.
  • Present analytical findings within the Division and the Department, as requested.
  • Participate in the development of new analytical methodologies to optimize the use of information and associated data management systems.
  • Lead, train and mentor other staff in the collection and analysis of information of relevance to international safeguards.
  • Lead and participate in project teams to develop new software tools for information collection, processing and assessment.

About Company

Company: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Company Location:  Vienna, Austria

Job Category: Non-profit Organization; Scientific Research & Development; Safety & Environment

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