Route Sales Driver Jobs in Dubai – UAE at synergy GCC

Title: Route Sales Driver

Company: synergy GCC

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Transportation, Sales

Route Sales Driver

DutiesandResponsibilities While route sales drivers work in a number ofindustries, many of their responsibilities remain the same:

Transport and Deliver Goods The foremost duty of a route salesdriver is moving materials along their assigned route and bringingthese goods to customers. They should have excellent driving skillsand be able to safely operate and maneuver a large vehicle.

Additionally, route sales drivers need to comply with rules andregulations for freight transport, such as height or weightrestrictions or guidelines for transporting hazardous materials.

Follow Routes and Schedules Route sales drivers use GPS technologyto maintain their scheduled deliveries and respond to factors thatmay affect their route, including traffic and weather conditions.

As part of this aspect of the job, the route sales driver alsodetermines the most efficient delivery schedule based on expecteddelivery times. Route drivers also adjust their schedules forunexpected road closures or hazards. Collect Customer Payments Manyroute sales drivers collect payment from customers livery. For customers paying with a check, the route sales driverensures that the check is properly filled out and that the amountis correct;

for cash customers, the driver may need to make changeand securely store the payment in their vehicle. In any case, theroute driver ensures that they provide a receipt and record thecustomer’s payment. Perform Vehicle Inspections andMaintenance While on the road, route sales drivers may need toinspect and maintain their vehicles to ensure safe operation. Insome cases, route sales drivers may also conduct regularmaintenance, inspections, and emergency repairs.

Route salesdrivers should be familiar with protocols and practices forremoving their vehicles from the road due to mechanical failure.

Maintain Records Finally, many route sales drivers maintaindetailed records related to their activities on the road. This mayinclude daily logs of stops and deliveries, records of payments andtransactions, and information about customers who refuse delivery.

Route sales drivers may also need to maintain records of mileage,amounts they pay for fuel and tolls, and information aboutdeviations from their usual route due to road or weatherconditions.


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