Rigger Jobs in UAE at Fieldcore

Title: Rigger

Company: Fieldcore

Location: UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Skilled Labor/Trades


Job Summary:

Riggers are highly specialized in moving jobs that cannot be accomplished by ordinary means and use equipment expressly designed for moving and lifting objects weighing hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds or kilograms in places where ordinary material handling equipment cannot go. He/she performs assignments, as directed by the crew chief or field supervisor, involved in the installation of power plants, facilities, and new oilfield pumping units and maintenance/inspections of existing oilfield pumping units. You may be assigned other duties to help proactively drive our FieldCore vision and align with our organization’s core values.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Signal or verbally direct workers engaged in hoisting and moving loads, to ensure safety of workers and materials.

Test rigging to ensure safety and reliability.

Attach loads to rigging to provide support or prepare them for moving, using hand and power tools

Select gear such as slings, shackles, chokers and winches, per load weights and sizes, facilities, and work schedules.

Control movement of heavy equipment through narrow openings or confined spaces, using chain falls, gin poles, gallows frames, and other equipment.

Tilt, dip, and turn suspended loads to maneuver over, under, and/or around obstacles, using multi-point suspension techniques.

Manipulate rigging lines, hoists, and pulling gear to move or support materials such as heavy equipment.

Clean and dress machine surfaces and component parts.

Attach pulleys and blocks to fixed overhead structures such as beams, ceilings, and gin pole booms, using bolts and clamps

Dismantle and store rigging equipment after use.

Use proper rigging apparatus (i.e. chains, slings and ropes) and techniques to ensure safe and proper lifting is performed.

Work in adverse weather conditions including high and low temperatures and windy conditions

Ensure that safety is included in all aspects of each job he/she performs.

Use this position to influence operational personnel and visitors to do the same.

Demonstrate support / use of JSAs for every task and actively assist the work group when they are developed.

Attendance of all scheduled safety meetings and training.

Participate in regular scheduled audits of equipment and tools.

Identifying sub-standard acts and near misses.

Assist in all safety and environmental incident investigations to help determine root cause.

Ensure that he complies with the required STOP Observations and Near Miss Programs

Perform other duties as assigned

Travel may be required

Ability and willingness to work holidays, weekends and overtime as required by field assignments

Required Qualifications & Experience:

Trainee level. Trial position to ensure a good fit for the company – attitude, skills, ambition

Basic skills training to ensure knowledge of fundamental concepts, practices and procedures of a particular field of specialization.

High School Diploma and related mechanical experience (carpentry, lifts, cranes, etc.)

Rigger / Auxiliary Moving & Material Handling Equipment Certifications highly desired but not required

Desired Characteristics:

Experience of power generation (gas/steam turbines) and associated auxiliary equipment

Application of the Correct Rigging Tackle (ie Capable of Safely Lifting the Specified Loads)

Identification of Specific Shackles and Beam Clamps

Color Codes of Lifti…


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