Quality & Compliance Coordinator Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Zayed University

Title: Quality & Compliance Coordinator

Company: Zayed University

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Quality Control, Management

Job Description and Requirements

The Responsibilities

Quality Management System

Coordinate and communicate theQualityManagement System.

Ensure the Quality related documentsaremaintained and current.

Develop a reporting structure to engageallmanagers and leaders.

Develop and implement a ContinuousImprovementPlan.

Actively monitor all relevant systemsandprocesses to ensure compliance.

Coordinate and manage the externalAuditprocess.

Coordinate and manage the internalAuditprocess.

Skill managers to meet thecomplianceresponsibilities of their position.

Manage the risk and complaints registertoensure it is up to date.

Coordinate the implementation of outcomesfromthe annual internal and external audit.

Quality Assurance Strategy

Coordinate and lead the QualityAssurancestrategy, to achieve Forward Plan outcomes.

Recommend selection of and coordinatethemanagement of external audit contractors.

Work with the Managers to achievecomplianceagainst the Quality Assurance Plan.

Work with Managers to ensure the reviewandcontinuous improvement of organizational policies and procedurestosupport quality services.

Skill managers to meet thecomplianceresponsibilities of their position.

Develop and implement annual internalqualityaudit process.

Train all Leaders and Managers in internalauditcompliance process.

Oversee the review and continuous improvementofthe organization’s intranet-based Policy Practice and systemforQuality Services.

Coordinate the Quality and Complianceactivitiesin collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

To coordinate the external audit process.

Required to participate in an annualPerformanceAppraisal and development of an Annual Learning Plan.

Policy development

Write and review policies, proceduresandpreforms.

Maintain integrity of delegations ofauthorityand ensure relevance in line with changes across organization.


To coordinate the internal audit process oftheQuality Management System.

Coordinate the Annual quality auditresultsreport for Executive Leadership Team and the Board.

Conduct an annual survey of Manager andTeamLeader understanding of their quality and complianceresponsibilitiesand report results.

Monitor quality and capture qualityimprovementactivities to ensure they are adopted across Family Life.

Provide regular reporting to GeneralManagerPeople Culture and Quality as required

Degree of Independence/Complexity of Environment


Highly ambiguous, constantlychangingenvironment with a diverse network of key stakeholders andpolicymakers.

Must be able to deal withsimultaneouslyoccurring crisis which may compete for time.

Working relationships/Impact of Interactions


Interacts extensively with senior managementtoeducate, influence, and build awareness of key issues andproposesolutions.

Influences and negotiates withexternalparties(ADNIC, Landlords, etc.) for the benefit of the University.

The Requirements

Must possess a bachelor’s degree inarelated field and a minimum of 4 years relevant experience oranequivalent combinatio…


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