Title: Project Manager / pax


Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Contract

Category: Management

Position: Project Manager / 1pax

Job Description

Retail Business unit are now lunching New Retail Format project, which contain 25 sub-projects need to be manage by expert project manager to be hired temporary as outsource contract in order to manage the project and has the role of :

1.Planning:First, a project manager is responsible for formulating a plan to meet the objectives of the project while adhering to an approved budget and timeline. This blueprint will guide the entire project from ideation to fruition and will include the scope of the project, resources necessary to complete it, anticipated time and financial requirements, strategy for communication among relevant stakeholders, plan for execution and documentation, and proposal for follow-up and maintenance.

2.Leading:An essential part of any project manager’s role is to assemble and lead the project team. This requires excellent communication, people, and leadership skills, as well as a keen eye for others’ strengths and weaknesses. Once the team has been created, the project manager assigns tasks, sets deadlines, provides necessary resources, and meets regularly with the members. An ability to speak openly and frequently with all stakeholders is critical.

3.Execution:The project manager will participate in and supervise the successful execution of each stage of the project. Again, this requires frequent, open communication with the project team members and stakeholders.

4.Time management:Staying on schedule is crucial to the successful completion of any project. Time management is therefore one of the key responsibilities of a project manager. When derailments arise, project managers are responsible for resolving them and communicating effectively with team members and other stakeholders to ensure the project gets back on track. Project managers should be experts at risk management and contingency planning so they can continue moving forward even when roadblocks occur.

5.Budget:Project managers are tasked with devising a budget for a project, and then sticking to it as closely as possible. If certain pieces of the project end up costing more (or, in a perfect world, less) than anticipated, project managers will be responsible for highlighting the spend and re-allocating funds when necessary.

6.Documentation:A project manager must come up with effective ways to measure and analyze the progress of the project to ensure it is developing as planned. A couple common strategies for documenting a project include data collection and verbal and written status reports. Further, it is a project manager’s job to make sure that all relevant actions are approved and signed off on, and that these documents are archived for future reference. A weekly project status report to be formed in a presentation for the strategy execution office.

7.Maintenance:Just because a project has been completed doesn’t mean the work ends. There needs to be a plan for ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. That’s where a project manager comes in: He or she will devise methods for properly supporting the final deliverable going forward, even if he or she is not directly overseeing the day-to-day operations of the initiative.

Qualifications and Knowledge:

¬∑Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Business Administration or any related discipline. Preferably Certification in Project management-PMP. Management of Portfolios, Manageme…