Plant & Operations Manager Job in Abha, Saudi Arabia at Confidential Company

1. Establishing and managing policies and procedures in the departments for which he is responsible.

2. Planning, directing, coordinating and managing manufacturing, maintenance, quality, movement, sales, supply, sales and general safety in factories within the framework of policies and procedures to ensure the greatest return.

3. Develop plans to reduce manufacturing costs through optimal use of manpower, equipment and facilities.

4. Ensuring compliance with the required production schedule and that the product conforms to the approved standards and criteria to ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Determining the objectives of the departments he supervises, setting time plans for their implementation, monitoring their implementation and taking any necessary corrective measures.

6. Supervising the reception of customers, presenting the company’s products to them, and contributing to pricing operations if requested.

7. Keeping abreast of competitors’ products, selling strategies, and prices of their products, and making plans to beat the competition.

8. Follow up the implementation of the company’s sales commitments towards third parties and adhere to the specified times for delivering products to customers.

9. Receive customer feedback on factory products and work to meet their needs and avoid their feedback.

10. Supervising the work of purchase orders according to the company’s system and ensuring that they contain all the data necessary to complete the purchase process.

11. Ensuring that the company’s needs of various materials (raw materials, spare parts, equipment, tools, etc.) are secured in a timely manner and at the best price and quality.

12. Searching and investigating new resources for raw materials and other work supplies at reasonable prices for the company.

13. Determining the needs of factories in terms of human resources and manpower, and evaluating the performance of employees.

14. Supervising the compliance of his subordinates with the implementation of the directives and working on the preparation of estimated budgets.

15. Providing advice and advice to the CEO and participating in setting general policies and plans for manufacturing and sales operations.

16. Applying the internal system adopted in the company and supervising the compliance of his subordinates and those who follow them by carrying out their duties and assuming all their responsibilities.

17. Active participation in reconsidering the administrative organization in the factory and job descriptions and classification.

18. Appointing competent persons and assigning the CEO to appoint the heads of the departments he heads, based on the principle of efficiency.

19. Participate in all meetings of the company’s senior management.

20. Establishing internal control mechanisms to ensure the preservation of financial and human resources and of all the company’s facilities.

21. Improving the public safety record in factories and taking all necessary measures to protect work and its employees.

22. Approve the leave and leave of its management personnel.

23. Submitting the necessary reports required by the CEO.

24. Any other duties and tasks assigned to him by the CEO within the scope of the job.

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Company: Confidential Company

Company Location:  Abha, Saudi Arabia

Job Category: Manufacturing

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