Physiotherapist Jobs in Ras Alkhaimah – UAE at VLCC International LLC

Title: Physiotherapist

Company: VLCC International LLC

Location: Ras Alkhaimah – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Healthcare, Sports/Fitness/Wellness

Location: Ras Alkhaimah
License: MOH ❖ To ensurethat service delivery is 100% as per VLCC Protocol ❖ Toensure timely completion of Zero Session as per Standard Operating

Procedures (SOP) ❖ To ensure client’sunderstanding/agreement to the terms of the program beforeinitiating the program ❖ To complete a detailedexamination of each client’s fitness level and mobilitythrough Fitness Assessment/report and record if anymedical condition diagnosed during evaluation ❖ Todesign and deliver appropriate fitness routines for clients,combining the right posture, cardio-respiratory fitness,strength, flexibility and breathing exercises ❖ To provide customized activity plans for clients withmedical conditions ❖ To continuously encourage clientsto record activity ❖ To ensure you suggest a correctactivity plan for each client on start of the program andthereafter at least once in a week ❖ To ensure youcounsel and educate clients on appropriate exercisesregularly ❖ To coordinate with Dieticians to ensureoptimum execution of each client’s package by:
To pre-plan sessions as per individualrequirements and package booked – appliancesessions/therapies/combination sessions to be administered during slimmingprogram.  To ensure propercoordination with physiotherapist/slimming therapist for activitypatterns. To conduct daily follow-ups forirregular clients to ensure executions are complete within thevalidity period. To ensure use of proper softskills when dealing with each client. Toconduct periodic group exercise at least once a session for clientswith common needs.

❖ To check& record the weight of each client on Client Program Record(CPR) ❖ To also check & record the weight ofeach client on Daily Record Register (DRR) ❖ To reviewclient’s progress post each session ❖Documentation: ➢ BCA records should be updated on amonthly basis ➢ Ensure that a BCA is completedregularly as per recommended guidelines in SOP ➢Capture client’s information in CLM on the same day ofactivity ➢ To regularly update and correctly completeall related documentation ❖ To provide a minimum of 15minutes bed-side counseling once in every week post each slimmingsession ❖ To conduct Group Counseling for all plateauclients ❖ To review & recommend change inactivity, diet plan & other lifestyles to ensure requiredweight loss is achieved ❖ To recommend need basedslimming treatments for upselling/rebooking ❖ To ensureclients meet the targeted weight loss targets set by the Slimming

Head ❖ To counsel and guide clients facing weightplateaus and suggest appropriate course of action ❖ Toseek advice from the Slimming Head as needed in order to ensureeach client is successful in meeting his/her goals ❖Responsible for general upkeep of the Slimming Department andappliance ❖ To ensure related medical problems ofclients to be consulted with Slimming head before startingtreatment for proper results ❖ To ensure biochemicalprofile is accurately recorded  of clients enrollment& regularly monitor & updated on CPRRegion Middle East & Africa Department Slimming

Reports to Direct Reporting – Slimming

Head Indirect Reporting – Center Head Position Supervised N/AJob Scope CORE


(Theresponsibilities include but are not limited to thefollowing)

Job Description

–Physiotherapist SERVICE EXCELLENCE P a g e3 | 5 JD_  ❖ To plan& execute indoor and outdoor events timely ❖ Toconstantly upgrade oneself and multitask to achieve the progressionlevel ❖ To perform outdoor duties incase sl…


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