Organization Development Specialist Jobs in Abu Dhabi – UAE at SUNDUS RECRUITMENT & OUTSOURCING SERVICES LLC

Title: Organization Development Specialist


Location: Abu Dhabi – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Management, Business

Job Description



Plan, implement and maintain optimum and sustainable organization structure and analytics for Company Distribution, which ensures unity of command and facilitates efficiency, ensuring alignment with the corporate and business strategies.


Job Specific


Organizational Design & Analytics   . Plan, execute and maintain world-class organizational design frameworks, operating model and structures etc., and track key manpower ratios in order to ensure continuous improvement of staffing and structure models.
. Support the business to review emerging business needs, design and develop an optimum organizational structure, in accordance with global best practices, in order to facilitate the establishment of an effective and practical structure to support the seamless and efficient operations.
. Act as the central custodian of organization structures to ensure organization structures, functional statements and job titles are timely updated, and the integrity of all documentation stored is preserved.
. Collect and analyze data to prepare the groundwork for the design and roll out of organizational design and analytics initiatives designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Company Distribution.
. Verify and update of operating models, organization structures, job titles to ensure they are fit for the business purpose and needs at all times.
. Analyze the organization and highlight areas for improvement of manpower efficiencies, organization efficiencies, organization climate, and suggest potential areas for re-structuring and manpower reduction.
. Update organization structures and all related documentation stored to preserve the integrity of the database.
. Plan, research, analyze and recommend systematic change and organizational performance initiatives.
. Provide organizational structure and design consultation to assist managers to identify, plan and implement change initiatives that positively affect performance output and customer satisfaction.
. Benchmark against other similar organizations, review organizational structure and make presentations to address the organization’s strategy.
. Provide cost and opportunity studies and justification for all the organization structure changes.
. Make presentations to all levels of management regarding the initiation and implementation of change initiatives.
. Identify and consult various organizational units for the opportunities of structure, chart and company efficiency improvement of business and operational processes.
. Support conceptualization and development of initiatives approved by management for development.
Continuous Improvement   . Identify and consult various organizational units for the opportunities of continuous improvement of business and operational processes.
. Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘international leading practice’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.

RequirementsMinimum Qualification   Bachelor’s Degree in HR Management or equivalent.
Professional certification in HR is a plus.
Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills   5 years of experience, including at least 3 years in organization design management.
Organizational astuteness.
Strategic Planning.
Management skills.
Relationship building.
Communication skills.
Knowledge of the labour law.