Operations and HR Manager Jobs in Jumeirah at WIS Support Services DMCC

Title: Operations and HR Manager

Company: WIS Support Services DMCC

Location: Jumeirah

The role of the job is a mixture of Operations (Administration & Contact Center Management), HR, and a bit of PA work. The perfect candidate will oversee the day-to-day operation of the contact center from onboarding clients to customer service support. He/she will also manage the employees’ onboarding and exit, performance management, and supervise the overall office administration. Here are the key responsibilities of the role:
Operations Responsibilities:
1. Manage escalations around contract management, BD’s prospect management, and validation of partners’ documents.
2. Review the validation documents of the new clients before creating the portal.
3. Implement Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for new products and coordinate with the key stakeholders for their inputs
4. Amend and implement SOP for the existing products, as and when required.
5. Regularly monitor teams’ daily working time usage and agreed on task restructuring; Discuss with the management of manpower addition if needed.
6. Direct teams’ priorities for the week and understand challenges and roadblocks.
7. Second pair of eyes in auditing fulfilment documents, FAQ’s and policy summaries.
8. Give direction on how to best use of the CRM platform.
9. Oversee customer support and make sure all compliance requirements are being carried out.
10. Contribute operations information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews
11. Set objectives for the team and discuss room for improvement.
General HR and Admin Responsibilities:
1. Handle recruitment.
2. Manage the onboarding and exit of the employees.
3. Handle the application and renewals of government releted docuements including visas and medical insurance.
4. Facilitate the emloyee performance review.
5. Facilitate the team meetings and gatherings.
6. Manage relationship with vendors.
7. Manage the calendar of the directors.
Job Type: Full-time
Application Deadline: 23/12/2022

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