Multimedia Designer/Animation & Motion Graphics Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Zayed University

Title: Multimedia Designer/Animation & Motion Graphics

Company: Zayed University

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Design/Web/Multimedia, Creative Arts/Media

Position: Multimedia Designer (Animation & Motion Graphics)

Job Description and Requirements

The Responsibilities:

• In line withrequirements,formatappropriatevideo and audio content to meet theexpectationsofapplicablepurpose.Upload multimedia content onplatforms,as andwhenrequired orin line with the uploading schedule.

• Develop a library of digitalcontentandmaintaina database of relevant materials in order tomeettherequirements of anyspecific project.

• Explore different modesofmultimediaconversionapplications, provide support bysuggestingappropriatesolution in agiven situation.

• Share multimedia-related modesandknowledgewithteam to enhance knowledge sharing within team.

• Plan and manage video and photoshootsonyearlybasis.

• Provide support to collegesanddepartmentswithadvertising, marketing, recruiting, retention, andeventsusingInternettechnology and multimedia platforms.

• Utilize Flash and HTML5 basedgraphicstoalignlook and feel of the website with othermarketingcommunicationchannels(print, direct mail, etc.)

• Produce a range ofgraphicdesignfunctionsincluding designing, info-graphics,layoutwork,digitalartwork,printing and scanning.

• Designandproduceappropriateillustrations,figures and diagrams for theZUcommunityandacademics.

• Lead digital media projectsandtheuniversitywebsite by designing interactive banners and digital art themes.

• Produce motion graphicsandengaginganimationsand info graphics for digital publications.

• Design, create, and post video screen announcements.

• Design and create ZU micro sites as and when needed.

• Ability to multi-taskandcompleteseveralprojects concurrently- exceptional organizationalandteam workskillswhile working under pressure.

• Creative thinker with theabilitytoeffectivelytake initiative with confidence.

• Proves to be fast, accurate, and flexible.

• Demonstrates ability toworksuccessfullywithinteams and individually.

• Ability to interact effectivelywithinalllevelsof the university.

• Ability to work crossfunctionallywithdifferentdepartments within the university and be a team player.

• Ability to communicate easilyinperson,onthephone and over e-mail.

The Requirements:

Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree inVisualCommunication,FineArts,Photography from an accredited Institutionwith aminimum of 4years ofexperience in Multimedia, or anequivalentcombination ofeducation,skill or experience.

• Proficient in Adobe Creative SuiteCC,Withfocuson Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, Flash and Premiere.

• Fluent in English- bothOralandWritten.Fluencyin Arabic is desired.

• To present a portfolio and show real of work created.

• Energetic, clear anddisciplinedthinkerwithstrong attention to detail.

• Demonstrates proficiency intechnicalandjobknowledge aspects of the position to achieve high levelof performance.

• Experience working in an academic environment.


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