Media Design and Production Manager Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Zayed University

Title: Media Design and Production Manager

Company: Zayed University

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Creative Arts/Media, Design/Web/Multimedia

Job Description and Requirements

The Responsibilities

Manages effectively the day to day activities of the department staff. University faculty and any outside contractors, vendors or freelancers employed to assist with publication activities. Creates and maintains and manages a high quality, unified visual identity that permeates Zayed University’s visual image. Identifies, complement and builds on the existing unified visual identity that permeates the University’s print and Web publications. Monitors workflow of projects relating to timelines of projects with staff, camera crews, stock footage library’s, News archives broadcast news stations Audio recording studios and other vendors. Designs and develops accurate multimedia DVD’s that result in availability of on brand and timely information to target audiences. Manages the entire process of video production, working with the Director of Publications and the video client to determine content and scripting, and with filming and production vendors as required Selects, edits and mix analog and digital video footage for promotional videos Prepares video graphics, animation and special effects for use in university promotional videos and other multimedia projects Works closely with individual University departments, colleges and units to assist in design and production of promotional videos as needed Assures quality control of the video or multimedia project, overseeing sound mixing, final production, and every aspect of the process Compiles and maintains a library of new stock video footage from which selected clips can be chosen and edited for individual videos Coordinates closely with the Media Services Technician to provide video footage through original filming or access to university video archives Directly films digital video footage as required Manages and coordinates video filming with external production company when required Provides some graphics assistance for print publications Assists in the development of promotional CD-ROMs and DVDs Maintains an adequate supply of still photo images for use in University publications, either by arranging photo shoots or by providing high definition digital photos from digital video footage Identifies commercially available stock video footage and recommends purchase when appropriate Manages contracts and all dealings with vendors associated with the publication dept from quotations to bids to purchase orders and delivery. Manages projects in a collaborative environment with writers, artists, designers, IT specialists and printers, and develops an atmosphere of effective and efficient teamwork.

The Requirements

Should possess a Master’s degree from an accredited institution in a related field with emphasis in video filmmaking, editing and graphics with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in video production or a related field. And a or an equivalent combination of education or experience. Other essential requirements: Highly computer literate, with strong knowledge of PC and Macintosh operating systems Professional experience with industry standard video editing, animation and graphics design software Experience producing an entire film, including shooting footage, recording music and dialogue, controlling lighting, providing graphics and special effects, and editing the results. Experience in planning, producing, and managing video and multimedia projects, creating videos for delivery via hard drive, DVD, CD, PowerPoint, Web, PAL…


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