Mechanical Engineer Job in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at Confidential Company

Ensure the combined work list Organized.

Ensure the integration between multi work forces is taken place is applicable.

Ensure the network and schedule is reviewed and agreed by all disciple.

Ensure all operation Shutting down requirements are identified.

Ensure the required resources and services are available on time.

Ensure that the critical path and major work are printed and posted.

Review and ensure the Pre stat up safety review sheet are correct and posted.

Ensure the daily activities schedule distributed to concerned discipline.

Prepare the TAM items.

Review the last TAM requirements and comments.

Prepare the complete work package ( P&lD, Isometric Drawing, Equipment specification, Blind list, Material list, Procedures, and work scope).

Review the TAM package with maintenance & inspection clarify the Comments Create Purchase Requisition for External Spares.

Stock material Issues.

Create Purchase Order for external services requirements (lump Sum contractors, CV & PSV overhauling, scaffolding, insulation activities, crane requirements, manpower requirements …etc).

Print Pick list for Stock Items and send it to maintenance and ware house for spare issuing.

Receive Delivery from Vendors.

Deliver Materials to Work Center through the lump gum contractor in SHARQ spare container.

Review the quotations received from contractor through the SMO and give Our comments and recommendation.

Arrange the interview with all contractor for the TAM activities.

Arrange the site visit far contractors to know the TAM items.

Prepare a file with all PR information and contractors contact numbers and there mobilization progress.

Create MS project fie for all TAM activities and Identify the critical path and resources required and discuss with concerned discipline for optimization.

Incorporate the tune line of the other projects into the T/A schedule.

Identify all the pre- TIA required resources.

Prepare, review and distribute the daily schedule during TIA execution.

Track and update the daily schedule.

Estimate, plan and incorporate the approved additional work into the Schedule.

Mobilization and demobilization for TAM contractors into SHARQ Site through the planner coordination.

Prepare the daily progress report.

Generate closing report.

Create a return slip for all non-used spears in the TAM.

Close TAM orders.

Communicate with contractors to submit the invoices in order to review it and Create the SES for them.

Enter History & Close PM Notification.

Call for a critique meeting and list all comments and recommendation for that TAM in order to process it in the future TAM.

Technical Completion.

Accounts payable.

Settlement for PM Orders.

Business Closure for all TAM orders.

Create the Final TAM report.

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Company: Confidential Company

Company Location:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Category: Human Resources Outsourcing

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