Master Technician | Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge & Ram | Ras Al Khaimah Job in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE at Al Futtaim Group


–   Can inspect radiator cap using radiator cap tester and can check for leaks in cooling system.

–   Can measure compression pressure, 

–   Can overhaul engine

–   Can trouble shoot engine related problem.

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)

–   Can carry out on-vehicle inspection and adjustment.

–   Can overhaul cylinder head

–   Can trouble shoot fuel system related problem.

–   Can inspect ignition coil related problem.

Emission control system   

–   Can measure idle Co concentration using Co meter

–   Can inspect and troubleshoot components of emission control system.

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)   

–   Knows precautions that must be taken when inspecting EFI system.

–   Can inspect and troubleshoot components of EFI system.

–   Can measure fuel pressur


–   Can inspect & overhaul clutch manual transmission.   


–   Can trouble shoot manual transmission

–   Can overhaul manual transmission

–   Propeller shaft, differential drive shaft & axles   

–   Can inspect & replace spider bearings and centre support bearing.

–   Can overhaul drive shafts (FF vehicles)

–   Can overhaul front / rear axle hub bearing.

–   Can overhaul differential (FR vehicles)

Automatic transaxle / transmission

–   Can inspect and adjust components      

–   Can carry out on-vehicle tests (stall, time lag, hydraulic and road tests)

–   Can overhaul automatic transaxle / transmission.

Suspension system

–   Can overhaul front / rear suspension.

Steering system inspection

–   Can install and remove steering linkage.

–   Can overhaul steering gear housing (rack & pinion steering)

–   Can change power steering fluid

–   Can overhaul power steering pump

–   Can overhaul power steering gear housing (rack & pinion type)

Wheel alignment & tyres   

–   Can inspect and adjust wheel alignment (camber, caster and steering axis inclination) and tore angle.

–   Can troubleshoot tires and disc wheel problems.

–   Can measure run-out of tires and disc wheels and can balance wheels.

Brake system   

–   Can overhaul disc brakes

–   Can overhaul drum brakes

–   Can overhaul master cylinder

–   Can bleed air from hydraulic circuitry.

–   Can check brake booster operation

–   Can overhaul brake booster

–   Can inspect and adjust LSPV & BV


Fundamentals of Electricity 

–   Can read electrical wiring diagrams.

–   Can understand construction of volt & ohm meter (circuit tester or multi-tester) and use them correctly.

Ignition system   

–   Can check and adjust ignition timing

–   Can overhaul distributor

–   Can inspect and troubleshoot components of ignition system.

Starting system   

–   Can carry out on-vehicle inspection & troubleshooting.

–   Can overhaul starter motors 

Charging system   

–   Can carry out on-vehicle inspection measurement and troubleshooting.

–   Can overhaul alternators (conventional type and hi-speed compact type)

Body electrical   

–   Can inspect body electrical components systems and troubleshooting.

Heating & air conditioning system

–   Can troubleshoot air conditioning system using gas leak detector and manifold gauge.

–   Can carry out performance test, evacuation of lines and refrigerant charging.

–   Can replace magnetic clutch and shaft seal of compressor (swash plate type and through-vane)

Human Relations

–   Maintains good teamwork and co-operation with fellow technicians, Service Advisors & Parts Dept. Personnel

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Company: Al Futtaim Group

Company Location:  Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Job Category: Accounting

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