Marketing Manager Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Volkswagen Group

Title: Marketing Manager

Company: Volkswagen Group

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Management, Marketing/PR

Events, Sponsorships, Influencers and Relationships:
Development of experiential strategic direction for the brand, 2022-2026 with department head and department colleagues in line with the brand communication flow plan. Experiential creative concept co-development (in line with Audi AG / AME strategy and goals). Setup and management of individual projects with all involved partners. Planning of budget within given scope – with head of department agreed. Organization and management of all event-related sub-projects and suppliers, like car ordering and all associated logistics ( regional transport / movements + clarification of vehicle use after event), recruiting of hostesses, implementation and operational management of task forces, etc.

Official result reporting in line with department reporting structure to HOD / Audi AG. Generate and develop new ideas for sponsorship events in line with agreed strategy. Evaluation and management of sponsorship proposals in conjunction with HOD, PR and Retail Communication Management colleagues. Align projects with Audi AG / AME standards / strategies. Planning and operational management of budget within agreed frame and project scope (CE’s, LPO’s processing) Official result reporting to HOD / AME management / Audi AG.

Design, plan and strategically leverage Audi Driving Experience / Brand Experience elements as key properties in overall experiential mix initiative, as part of the wider strategy. Briefing of event agencies and creative evaluation of concepts. Overall event/ sponsorship budget management + regional support method implementation. Ensure all activities are measurable and aimed to build the premium brand values as set out in the brand strategy.

Effectively manage/ train subordinates when required (Events Intern). Sponsorships and partnerships:
Develop a strategic direction plan for brand’s association with external stakeholders (brand ambassadors, influencers, businesses, etc) as part of the wider experiential strategy. Set targets, KPIs and measures with department head, and implement the same into the strategic direction document. Ongoing implementation of the same, with measurable results. Ongoing creative concept development and management in this space, in line with the wider brand strategy.

Leveraging plans for any and all associations, be it brand ambassadorships, influencers or wider brand sponsorships for complete benefit of the brand in line with the brand image building strategy. Social media:
Co-development and strategic steering of the brand social media strategy in line with the wider marketing and business goals in collaboration with department head and retail communications manager. Campaign planning and implementation of projects specifically designed for the medium to retain brand’s positioning in this space in alignment with department head and retail communications manager. Relationship management with the social media agency, planning of content, and implementation of the same, in alignment with retail communications manager and department head.

Reporting from the medium in line with AG / AME requirements on an ongoing basis, focusing on insight driven future recommendations. Integration and implementation co-management of social media into all brand activities, both physical and virtual. Development and co-management of “always on” social media programmes running in the tactical space as regional market support in close alignment with retail communica…


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