Lead Data Scientist Jobs in Abu Dhabi – UAE at Alef Education

Title: Lead Data Scientist

Company: Alef Education

Location: Abu Dhabi – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: IT/Tech, Research/Development

A hands-on data scientist who is passionate about data and wants   to apply machine learning techniques to solve real-world problems   which will make a lasting impact on society.

You willwork closely   with the wider team to ensure high-quality algorithms are   delivered in line with the project goals and delivery cycles.

You willwork on all aspects of the design development and delivery of   machine learning enables solutions including data acquisition from   diverse sources, data exploration, feature engineering, evaluating   algorithms and deploying the models iteratively to improve the   final solution.
Lead Data Scientist responsibilities include managing the data   analytics team, planning projects and building analytics models.
You should have a strong problem-solving ability and a knack for   statistical analysis. If you’re also able to align our data products   with our business goals, please contact us.

Key ResponsibilitiesJob Specific

ResponsibilitiesDesign and Develop Machine Learning solutions    ▪   Ensure data quality and integrity.
▪   Test performance of data-driven products.
▪   Experiment with new models and techniques.
▪   Identify valuable data sources and automate collection   processes.
▪   Undertake to preprocess of structured and    unstructured data.
▪   Experience using statistical computer languages (R,   Python, SQL, etc.) to manipulate data and draw   insights from large data sets.
▪   Build predictive models and machine-learning   algorithms.
Interpret and present the results    ▪   Interpret and present the insights using data   visualization techniques.
▪   Create data-driven reports based on the identified   insights.
Leadership and collaboration    ▪   Manage a team of data scientists and data analysts.
▪   Conceive, plan and prioritize data science projects.
▪   Align data projects with organizational goals.
▪   Collaborate with Research and product development   teams.
▪   Strong problem-solving skills with an emphasis on   product development.
▪   Proactively advice on best practices.
▪   Provide mentorship and help team growth, especially   on the technical side.
▪   Knowledge and experience in statistical and data   mining techniques;

Education, Experience and Required Skills

Educational     Qualification    MSc (or Ph.

D. degree) in a quantitative field such as Computer Science, Operations Research, Applied   Mathematics, Industrial / Systems Engineering, Applied Statistics, etc.
Technical Skills    ▪   Experienced technology leader with 5+ years working   with data-driven projects including 3+ years of data   science experience.
▪   Strong at technical goal setting for a project with   actionable success metrics. Good knowledge and    experience in measuring service from user experience   angle.
▪   A knack for statistical analysis and predictive modeling.

▪Experience withextracting and aggregating data from   large data sets using SQL, or other tools.
▪   Good knowledge of Python and SQL.
▪   Technical background in data with a deep understanding   of issues in multiple areas such as data acquisition and   processing, data management, distributed processing,   and high availability is required.

▪Experience withdata visualization tools, such as Tableau,   or Power BI.
▪   Experience in applied research highly preferred, ideally in   the field of educational technology.
▪   Basic knowledge of psychometrics, Learning Analytics   (LA) and measurement theory.
Operational Skills Required    ▪…


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