Kitchen Chef Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Exception

Title: Kitchen Chef

Company: Exception

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Restaurant/Food Service, Hospitality/Catering

First and foremost, the chef is basically aproven cook. He works as a team behind his stoves to provide themost elaborate and gourmet dishes to customers. The chef managesand organizes his team of cooks, the number of which can range fromsingle to double. He is responsible for recruiting and training hisown brigade. He brings his personal touch to the dishes, andcreates the menus himself by offering his dishes to put on themenu.

He is therefore above all a cooking artist passionate abouthis profession, and must also ensure that the kitchen is suppliedwith products, meats, condiments, etc. He represents the image ofthe restaurant and puts his creativity ice, and thusguarantees the loyalty of its customers. It is absolutely essentialfor the proper functioning of a team of cooks. He is oftensurrounded by a chef specializing inpastry.


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