JUNIOR TRADER – Dubai, UAE Jobs in Dubai at Cobblestone Energy, Dubai – UAE.


Company: Cobblestone Energy, Dubai – UAE.

Location: Dubai

Employment type: Full-time & Permanent
Starting salary of USD 60,000 per annum + performance based bonus’ – 0% tax environment
Job Location: Dubai, UAE (We provide visa sponsorship & relocation assistance)

About Cobblestone Energy
Cobblestone Energy is an energy trading company specialising in the Great Britain and European wholesale electricity markets. Founded in 2017, we are part of the next generation of companies defining the future of global commodity trading.
We make use of advanced data analytics and extensive research to drive profitable decision making, trading enough electricity every day to power a small country, and growing every day. In doing so, we help to balance the electricity grid, lowering the cost to end consumers, and aiding the transition to a renewable future. Technology and risk management form the backbone of our business.
At Cobblestone Energy, we are a diverse team of over 50 people from 20+ nationalities – we believe in hiring extraordinary talent from all around the world. Our flat organizational structure helps us in giving our team members complete ownership of the work and ensures ideas come from every level. We believe in providing unlimited growth opportunities to our people alongside constant feedback and support, which allows us to cover our vulnerabilities and grow as a team in new and interesting ways. With the right performance and potential, you could be managing the power desk for an entire country within eighteen months in your role. Come join our dream team!
Cobblestone Values

Lifelong learning with continuous reflection
Independent thinking through a meritocracy of ideas
The team is more important than the individual
Being the best in any market we enter
Hiring and keeping only the most effective people
Others must benefit from our existence

What we offer in this role

A full-time position on our Commercial team
Committed and remarkably talented colleagues
Highly competitive compensation dependent on performance
An exciting, challenging and fulfilling career
Investment in your development to ensure that you always remain the best in business
Equity participation for strong contributors, ensuring our interests are all aligned long term


Owning, managing, and profitably trading in the European power markets while implementing any relevant strategies
Innovating new ideas for trading tools and strategies then working with the analysis and development teams to implement them
Working as a part of our 24/7 operating trading team, to ensure markets are always covered
Utilising self-starter capability while also working efficiently within a team environment
Ensuring all power market regulations and requirements are upheld through good communication with the system operators
Upholding and living our cultural values

Basic Qualifications

Excellent numerical and logical reasoning skills
Ability to think clearly in critical situations
Passion, resilience, and integrity

Preferred Qualification & Background
We look for individuals from strong numerical backgrounds as such skills carry over well for excelling as a Junior Trader. However, we welcome applicants from all backgrounds and experiences with a track record of excellence, both inside and outside of academics.
The Hiring Process
After your application is evaluated, assessments will include psychometric tests, a trading simulation, research project and remote interviews. All the finalists will then be invited for final round of the recruitment process which is a one-week training program, the Commercial Training Program (CTP), at our Dubai office. We will cater for all relocation costs, including flights, tickets, accommodation, work visa paperwork, and related expenses. Those who pass the CTP will be offered a full-time role at Cobblestone Energy and join our 7-12 month long Commercial Development Programme (CDP).
The CDP is a well-structured rotational programme giving you exposure to both trading and analytics. In the CDP, you will work alongside our seasoned commercial team members, who will mentor you on the market fundamentals to help you develop potent trading and analytical skills.

About Cobblestone Energy, Dubai - UAE.