IT Help Desk Engineer Jobs in Dubai – UAE at Confidential Company

Title: IT Help Desk Engineer

Company: Confidential Company

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: IT/Tech, Customer Service/Help Desk

• Receive

IT service calls from End users and log this calls in the ADDAticketing system (Manage Engine Service

Desk) and assign to theresponsible team/ technician.
• Handling Endusers requests and obtaining necessary approvals beforeproceeding.
• Follow-up on resolution of theprevious tickets assigned to the various IT teams.
• Troubleshooting and resolving end user's issuesvia phone
• Troubleshooting and resolving enduser's issues by connecting to user laptop remotely usingremote tool.
• Perform daily Morning check forall ADDA IT services to make sure all of them are up and runningand inform the responsible team if any IT service is down to fix itbefore end users start their duty.
• Managingand preparing backup tapes to send it to ADDA Data Center in ADACaccording to the latest Rota Sheet.
• Coordinate with HR department to modify any of the user accountinformation.
• Rebuild and prepare laptops fornew ADDA Employees
• guide new joiners how torequest / use any of ADDA IT Services.
• Handling leaver process (handover IT assets, create leaver request,disable user account, delete Cisco profile, moving mailbox toleaver database)
• Create generic sharedmailbox depends on business needs after getting businessapproval.
• Grant access on generic shared /user mailbox / distribution group after getting businessapproval
• Create guest account to allowvisitors to connect ADDA Wi-Fi
• Managingdevices (personal laptops/mobile phones) which connect to ADDAWi-Fi and delete any device that exceeds the limit of connections(two personal devices are allowed)


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