Investment & Marketing Manager – Emirati Jobs in Dubai at Dubai Taxi Corporation

Title: Investment & Marketing Manager – Emirati

Company: Dubai Taxi Corporation

Location: Dubai


The Investment and Marketing division focuses on key areas including segment and client segmentation, client database management, client acquisition and retention management, non-operating revenue management, strategic partnership management, traditional and digital marketing management, and enhancing client portfolio engagement.


Prepare a plan for the department in line with the objectives of the organization and the department, and the plan includes key elements such as Financial and manpower requirements, identified.

Communicate the team with strategic direction and plans and ensure that the efforts of the entire team are directed towards achieving the overall goals for the organization and management

Investment Management:

Achieving non-operating revenue targets by identifying potential brand partners and creating short-term contracts, /Long Term contracts, and Delivery Guarantees in compliance with DTC brand guidelines.

Define customer segments based on different identification criteria including customer type (retail, premium, B2B), age, Purpose of use, technology adoption, and any other identification criteria, and target acquisition by segments.

Define a clear channel strategy including a customer acquisition plan by channel and target revenue under the channels.

Identify different lead generation sources and customer databases, and ensure an adequate number of leads are generated to achieve the acquisition target.

Managing the overall sales and investment operations for other business services, for example, chauffeur service, and realizing approved targets.

Participate in sales incentive discussions with management, and establish the right incentive structure for the sales team.

Marketing Management:

Design and publish a strategic marketing plan including digital marketing and strategic links, to achieve a target operating and non-operating revenues and enhance marketing return on investment by enhancing customer acquisition and keeping them.

Defining the overall brand strategy for Dubai Taxi Corporation including brand image, brand presentation branding, and other important elements of the brand, establishing comprehensive brand guidelines.

Create strategic links and partnerships and design attractive customer loyalty programs with the main objective of enhancing retention of clients and maximizing the share of the client’s portfolio.

Efficiency and Collaboration:

Comprehensive complaints management includes integrating a list of complaints from various channels and categorizing complaints into categories various, ensuring that customer complaints are closed in a timely manner, and establishing control procedures to avoid recurring complaints similar.

Periodically obtain customer input from primary research (client interviews or study groups), identify key strategic initiatives to simplify customer journeys (both digital and non-digital), mitigate inconveniences to customers, and enhance overall customer happiness (net of promoter points).

Performance Management:

Managing team performance by setting smart parameters (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) appropriate), annual performance objectives, and performance appraisal in accordance with Taxi Corporation’s policies, guidelines, and procedures.

Monitor performance against defined KPIs, identify key risks or gaps if any, and implement Proactively corrective measures.

Ensure that important management reports are prepared periodically and shared wi…

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