Inventory Management Specialist Jobs in UAE at Nawah Energy Company

Title: Inventory Management Specialist

Company: Nawah Energy Company

Location: UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Supply Chain/Logistics, Management

Job Description



Contribute and participate in all aspect of Inventory Management activities for the development, management, implementation, and improvement of stocking strategy, inventory replenishment, and inventory optimization in order to meet material needs of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).

Key Activities


RequirementsPlanning (MRP) Execute Material

RequirementsPlanning (MRP) in SAP in order to ensure compliance with pre-established parameters for Safety or Non-Safety related materials.

Validate and analyze planned orders generated thru MRP in order to ensure that the total requirement are reflected.

Convert MRP generated planned order to Purchase Requisition (PR) or create Purchase Requisition manually when necessary in order to initiate purchasing process. Maintain the accuracy of MRP parameters and regularly review the amendments of these parameters in order to maintain optimal level of inventory.

Create Call-off Purchase Requisition for materials under Outline Agreement in order to initiate purchasing process.

Ensure that PRs are issued on time and that the pre-established stock level is maintained in order to support the plant operation and maintenance.

Check the validity of the material reservations from work planning in order to avoid invalid purchases. Assist in Identifying problems of MRP system and discover improvements in order to fully implement purchasing business.

Report immediately issues related the inventory management to the manager and regularly prepare the overall statistics and status in order to provide performance measurement data.

Guide and support plant end-users to perform MRP related tasks. Stocking Level Determination Maintain stocking levels (re-order point, maximum level) based on preset criteria and update in order to reflect material usage patterns.

Guide the end-users for stocking strategy, review the stocking level proposed by the end-users in order to establish optimal stocking level. Verify that materials do not run out of stock, and if they are out of stock, analyze the cause and take necessary measures in order to ensure material availability.

Verify that critical spare parts are maintained in inventory at all times in order to support safe operation of plant. Inventory Optimization Assist in developing inventory optimization strategy and implementation plan to optimize inventory while meeting material needs for a safe and reliable plant operation.

Participate in conducting a study on the experience of reference plant and other utilities to identify key strategic areas for inventory optimization.

Participate in Identifying and executing various objectives and initiatives throughout the organization to achieve inventory optimization goals.

Assisting in developing and implement stocking strategy decision tool and stocking level calculator to establish optimal stocking level. Identify unneeded inventory such as obsolete, excess, slow-moving or non-moving materials to reduce inventory value and carrying cost. Health, Safety and Security Follow all relevant company’s Health and Safety policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure compliance in all aspects of work as per sound management practices.

Apply these policies and procedures to self and others to ensure reasonable care of the health and safety of the employee; the environment; and various individuals who may be affected by the employee’s acts or omission…


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