Innovation Scout- Tech Lab Jobs in Doha at Futad Advertising

Title: Innovation Scout- Tech Lab

Company: Futad Advertising

Location: Doha

In the innovation ecosystem, the viability, speed-to-market and implementation of emerging technologies are top considerations along the journey to commercialization
Innovation scout may be tasked with coming up with entirely new concepts or they may focus on improving existing products or services. Regardless of their specific role, they must have an eye for spotting opportunities that others might miss.
The Scout will be responsible for identifying and evaluating innovative concepts, products, or processes and submitting findings on a weekly basis.
Scouts will be assigned a specific region and will be responsible for sourcing opportunities within the following categories of interest: AI and analytics, industrial automation and smart manufacturing, energy transition and utilization, and next generation materials. In performance of these responsibilities, scouts will be required to track topical news and research publications and engage with relevant industry groups and events, startup incubators and accelerators, academic labs and events, and other such platforms in their region.
On a weekly basis, Scouts will be expected to, among other things:

Independently research trends within the categories of interest and familiarize themselves with the state of the art and the basic concepts of each category
Independently research and identify promising innovations within each category within an assigned region or industry
Evaluate identified innovations using criteria and frameworks to be provided
Solicit and communicate directly with innovators as necessary to obtain information required for evaluation
Track opportunities in a CRM system, keeping an up-to-date record of activities and findings
Engage with our client’s personnel to discuss sourced innovations and conclusions from the evaluative process
Advise our client’s personnel on news and trends within categories of interest, providing an objective view on the trajectory of key innovations within each category
Use existing and available resources to develop new or innovative engagement solutions.
Draft reports and research studies on exisitng key product line
Identify businesses where engaging with new technologies provides a high level of business value and fills a major strategic gap.
Consistent research on latest innovations related to Futad’s product and offerings
Provide education on how these new technologies will provide value and help those who want to invest build the teams to do so, or serve as the point person for setting up and managing contracts
Research and informs digital innovation events, summarize events and disseminate across the company


Ideal candidates will have demonstrated an interest in a broad range of disciplines through their academic, extracurricular, or professional pursuits.
Scouts must have proven research abilities and be able to use both deductive and inductive reasoning to evaluate innovations and engage innovators.
Existing familiarity or engagement with innovation related platforms, programs, and events related to more than one of the categories of interest is a plus.
Scouts must be entrepreneurially-minded self-starters who are highly curious and interested in learning about the latest technologies, systems, and processes.
Scouts must be able to balance creativity and openness with skepticism and analysis, and operate independently and productively

Job Type: Full-time

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