Hydrology Engineer Job at Khatib & Alami

Job Description

Hydrology Engineer applies scientific knowledge and mathematical principles to solve water-related problems such as quantity, quality and availability. He could work on finding new water sources, predicting droughts or floods and reducing waste water.

• studying relationships between soil and rock features, rainfall and water run-off
• using specialist computer modelling applications
• recording and analysing water resource systems data
• employing statistical and hydrological modelling techniques
• determining the most effective water management methods
• assessing the impact of environmental changes and land use changes
• predicting and monitoring rainfall, water yields and usage
• liaising with clients, consultants, water regulators, researchers, external bodies and other professionals
• managing on-site data collection
• forecasting floods
• producing water and drought management plans
• ensuring appropriate regulations are implemented
• keeping up to date with scientific and technical developments
• making presentations
• supervising the work of hydrometrists and other staff

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering
10 years of minimum relevant experience
Good communication and presentation skills
Good interpersonal skills
Proficiency in spoken and written English and Arabic

About Company

Company: Khatib & Alami

Company Location:  Saudi Arabia

About Khatib & Alami

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