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Title: Horticultural Farm Manager – Tanzania

Company: BrighterMonday Consulting

Location: Dubai – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Management, Outdoor/Nature/Animal

26. Feb, 11:37 Ad

Horticultural Farm Manager – Tanzania

Overseas Overseas Details Application Deadline 2021-04-12 Years Experience 10 years Minimum Qualification Bachelor Job Level Management level Work Type Full time Company Industry Agriculture Employer BrighterMonday Consulting Description

Key attributes of this project include: Natural resources for best-in-class agricultural cropping; Established 25-year-old business; Registered Export Processing Zone (EPZ) licencee; Hard currency export earnings; Exacting standards to be achieved: governance, sustainability etc; Zero waste strategy; Massive positive economic impact to local urban area.

The Farm Manager will be employed on a full time basis from the Farm Estate and will report directly to the Managing Director

Top 4 Primary KPI for the Farm Manager

Ensure Farm’s farming operations meet or exceed the objectives of the business

Ensure the Farm’s farming operations are in-line with budgeted costs

Ensure the Farm’s farming operations deliver the projected crop yields per Ha at the targeted quality levels

Ensure the Farm’s farming operations are in accordance with the company’s ESIA and Sustainability ambitions

Principle functions of the Farm Manager

To fully and competently manage the farming operations at Farm Estate as a standalone enterprise. This will include:

Strategy: Farm operations planning and implementation in line with the objectives of the business

Estate management: Oversight for all farm operations in line with the objectives of the business

Finances: Farm operations cost management and forecasting

HR: Planning of the farm staff requirements

Training: Establishing appropriate training initiatives and programs for farm staff development

HSE: Ensuring HSE compliance throughout the farm operations

ESIA: Ensuring that the farming operations comply with required global ESIA standards

In more detail the Farm Manager’s primary role will be:

Budgetary planning, monitoring and reporting:To assist in compiling the operational plan and budget for the year in collaboration with the Managing Director and CEO and other department headsAfter approval of the plan and budget, implement the plan, monitor performance on a monthly basis and where necessary suggest changes to the plan to achieve the overall business objectivesTo report any significant variation to the plan or budget to the Managing DirectorTo report on the farm operations progress in line with the objectives of the business

Operational control and monitoring:To implement the short and long term project plan as agreed with the Managing Director and CEOTo efficiently manage the farm resources required to implement this planTo ensure the farming operations continually strive to meet or exceed the companies ESIA ambitionsTo continually seek new and innovative methods and practices that lead to an overall improvement in the farming operations and general efficiency across all aspects of the company operations

Farm Management:To oversee all farming operations, ensuring consistent yield and quality in line with the company ambitionsTo oversee annual planting planning, field layout and land preparations in readiness for plantingTo oversee planting program, ensuring crop production remains on track with annual targetsTo oversee ongoing crop maintenance including irrigation and fertilization planning, crop pest and disease management, harvesting and all field labour related activ…


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