Group Clinic Manager Jobs in Ras Alkhaimah – UAE at Legacy Group Services

Title: Group Clinic Manager

Company: Legacy Group Services

Location: Ras Alkhaimah – UAE

Type: Full Time

Category: Healthcare

Location: Ras Alkhaimah
Key Responsibilities:

Business Development:
Identify investment opportunities and build aclinic from scratch (location, recruitment, material, physicians,etc).  Employeerelation:  Lead, motivateand manage clinic staff to encourage a high performing team– motivate, appraise, encourage, inspire confidence andsupport clinic staff – Ensure all staff are trainedeffectively and manage performance/conflict wherenecessary.
Manageeffective staff rotation to ensure having the right people at theright place t time enabling full clinicoptimization.  Patientrelation:  Deliverindustry leading customer service – Develop and maintain a customerfocused culture within the clinic that delivers high standards ofservice and creates long term relationships withclients.
Manage clientexpectations by reporting and managing all client complaints inline with company protocol where necessary.  Maintain a high profile within clinics andclients alike in order to lead by example and stand by companyvalues.  Operationsmanagement:  Elaborate andmanage the P&L, taking every opportunity to minimize costsand maximize revenue, review and analyze clinic financialperformance vs target against clinic/company EBITDA.  Revenue generation by runningmultiple marketing and advertising campaigns  Analysis of marketing activities andmeasurement of ROI   Planand implement stock control to maximize sales and minimize stockloss.

Health and Safety

Regulation:  Ensure allhealth organizational policies and protocol standards are met s – Ensure continual review of administration andoperational procedures within clinic to certify full health andsafety within clinic.  Liaise with official authorities in the clinicjurisdictions and ensure the clinic compliance with rules andregulations of bodies such as DHA, DED etc.

Qualificationsand experience:
Good working knowledge of Beauty & Aesthetic


Experience ofworking within amedical or highly regulated environment

Previous experience in professional laser and skintreatments field

Experience ofworking with

P&Ls and interpretation of data

Ability towork flexibly to suit the hours and needs ofthe business Motivated, organized andProfessional Demonstrates strong commercialand financial acumen

Ability tobuild,maintain and be part of high-performance teams

Strong written, oral and presentation skills

Capable of problem solving and decision making

Honest, reliable and professional s Job Type: Permanent


Business Development and Clinic Manager: 5years (Required) Language:  Arabic(Required)


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