Government Media Services – Section Head (UAE National) Jobs in Abu Dhabi at Confidential

Title: Government Media Services – Section Head (UAE National)

Company: Confidential

Location: Abu Dhabi

Job Purpose

Supervising the management of government agency requirements and providing media services to cover government news and government departments and provide the required technical support

Duties and responsibilities:

Oversee the activities of all entity information service staff and ensure that they are implemented effectively, accurately and on time.

Review and evaluate the work of staff under his supervision, ensuring that the quality of the programmed is appropriate and that resources are used effectively and that they conform to the Company’s procedures and policies

Submit periodic reports on the progress of the work and submit it to the Director of the Department of Entity Communication

Conduct a periodic evaluation of staff performance under his supervision (in coordination with the Human Resources Department).

Ensure that entity information services procedures and policies are documented and adhered to.

Identify the required skills and knowledge and nominate his staff to attend appropriate training programs.

Identify technical needs and ensure that department procedures are implemented at a lower cost (in coordination with IT).

Managing and following up all requests of entity agencies and companies related to media aspects (news/events/identity) in coordination with the relevant departments and departments of the Company

Establishing and managing effective communication channels with entity liaison staff on an ongoing basis and coordinating meetings and workshops with entity agencies and companies

Coordination with other sectors according to its competence on the provision of media services to entity agencies and companies in relation to news, media content, events, events and media activities

Review the media plans of the parties and make observations and recommendations about them, and ensure that they are in keeping with the media strategy and follow up on their implementation

Ensuring that entity media messages used are consistent with strategic trends in coordination with the strategic media sector

Evaluating requests from news, events/participants if they meet news standards in coordination with the Content Management Department

Feeding the agenda of events in coordination with the Department of Entity Events in accordance with the criteria for determining strategic events to decide on the optimal timing of events and official attendance

Building effective relationships with entity agencies through regular meetings and attending the events of the authorities to provide uncle and aspects of improvement

Provide feedback and advice to entity agencies on the visual elements and various creative elements that are developed in coordination with the relevant department and confirm the validity of the media material by the Content Management Department

Follow-up the commitment of entity agencies to policies and guidelines and reporting necessary to the relevant departments.

Supervising the management of communication content for the Entity of Abu Dhabi

Coordination with all entity agencies and government-owned companies on various media plans/events

Provide news coverage of all news related to the Abu Dhabi government

Follow-up the commitment of entity agencies to policies and guidelines and reporting necessary to the relevant departments.

Develop the necessary guidelines in coordination with the Policy Section

Doing all the work and tasks assigned by the Director of Entity Communication

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