Global Project Finance Director Jobs in Dubai at Air Products

Title: Global Project Finance Director

Company: Air Products

Location: Dubai

Job Description And QualificationsPOSITION SUMMARY:This position has the responsibility and accountability for the following major functions:

North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Project Finance

North America, South America, European, Middle East and Asia Financing and Capital Markets (Project Bonds)

Global Interest Rate Risk Management

Global Currency Risk Management

Global Trade Finance (Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees)

Other significant areas of responsibility include staff development, financial transaction approval, financial risk management strategy development, bank relationship management, and related audit and Sarbanes Oxley compliance. In addition, responsibility for the company’s $2.75 billion Syndicated Credit Facility is shared with this position. Finally, the incumbent’s organization serves as one of the Company’s center of excellence on risk management using financial derivatives.

Delegated Authority



Cash Management- Unlimited

Bank Account Establishment – Unlimited

Intercompany – Unlimited (where the portion related to third party is less than $25 million)

Currency Risk Management – Related to Intercompany Loans – Unlimited, All other = $100 million

Bank Guarantees/Letter of Credit/Surety Bonds – $50 million

Debt Management Transactions – Unlimited related to Intercompany Loans

Approved Financial Transactions – unlimited

Total Debt Portfolio – $7.8 billion

Short Term Investment Portfolio – $1.5 – $6 billion

Committed Credit Facility – $2.75 billion

Annual Interest Incurred – $190 million

Outstanding Interest Rate & Currency Swaps – $2.0 billion

Annual Foreign Currency Contracts – 3,000 contracts valued at a total of $19.5 billion

Principal Accountabilities

Debt Funding and Debt Portfolio Management

These responsibilities require a thorough understanding of the global debt and project finance markets, the risks the Company is willing to take in accomplishing its borrowing and interest rate management needs, the debt funding and debt management instruments available to the Company, the accounting, tax and legal ramifications of each instrument and the form of agreements acceptable to the Company. Specific accountabilities are:

Development and assuring compliance with the Company’s internal Debt Portfolio Management policy.

Development, recommendation and execution of funding and interest rate management strategies, including financing decisions relating to the issuance of project finance debt (timing, maturity, fixed or floating, currency, etc.).

Assurance of the availability of debt liquidity via the negotiation and maintenance of a committed credit facility to back up commercial paper issuance and be accessible in the event of a liquidity crisis.

Identifying and securing project financing opportunities for the Company.

Financial and operational evaluation of leasing alternatives and structuring of leases.

Negotiation of external documentation.

Management responsibility for the consolidated interest incurred and interest income forecasts and analyses. These forecasts and analyses are used in the development of financing plan and net income projections and in evaluating historic results. An awareness of past and projected cash flows, a complete understanding of the debt portfolio and an ability to communicate results in a clear and concise manner are required.

Currency Risk Management

These responsibilities require a …

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